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Homes You Could Own That Really Are Castles

Zillow By Erika Riggs To some degree, every home is the owner's castle, but these homes take it a step further. With stone walls, turrets and even a guard shack, these residences would fit into medieval Europe, or perhaps a Harry Potter novel. Related articles from Zillow: Wenatchee's Craigmuir... Continue Reading »

Are You Ready for the Zombie Apocalypse?

By Neal J. Leitereg In case you're in complete denial or have been living under a rock in recent days, it has become quite apparent that THE ZOMBIE APOCALPYSE IS UPON US, PEOPLE. Reported horrific incidents of face-eating, intestine-throwing, arm-gnawing, hush-hush hazmat evacuations, and/or general cannibalistic mayhem... Continue Reading »

House of the Day: A Modern Castle Wired for a King

Blending the medieval with the modern, this $2.75 million home in the St. Louis suburb of Wildwood, Mo., resembles a straight-up castle. But it offers residents a rich array of modern amenities and spares them the once-a-month bathers. Gaze at its regal limestone exterior, slate roofing, spires and rampart-like balcony,... Continue Reading »

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