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For Sale: Affordable Homes in the Most Affordable Markets

ZillowWhat's affordable in Minneapolis? This charming and updated three-bedroom, two-bathroom bungalow. By Sharona Ott Some metros are known for their sky-high home prices. However, metros with affordable homes for sale do exist! We define a market as affordable if a buyer who makes the area's median income can afford... Continue Reading »

For Sale: Standout Storybook Tudors in Major U.S. Metros

Zillow By Catherine Sherman If you caught Sunday's premiere of NBC's new reality home renovation show, "American Dream Builders," you saw leading designers and home builders going head-to-head in the battle of storybook Tudors. Their challenge? To add improvements and style to two North Hollywood homes built in... Continue Reading »

Mid-Priced Homes for Sale in Top Buyer's Markets

Zillow By Sharona Ott Looking at homes in a buyer's market? You're in luck. In buyer's markets, homes stay on the market longer, price cuts occur more frequently and homes are sold for less relative to their listing price, giving buyers more negotiating power. Zillow today announced the top markets for buyers and... Continue Reading »

Ricardo Cerezo, Facing Eviction, Finds $4.85 Million Lottery Ticket

Man about to lose his home, finds lottery ticket and wins millions of dollars: It's the stuff of dreams, right? Well for Ricardo Cerezo of Geneva, Ill., that scenario was a reality. In February, Cerezo appeared at a foreclosure hearing where he was told he had mere months before his family was to be evicted from his... Continue Reading »

Celebrity Foreclosure Nightmares: Common's Chicago Home in Jeopardy and More

Rapper Common has been facing some foreclosure trouble with his apartment in Chicago. Bank of America filed legal documents saying that the rapper-turned-actor stopped making monthly mortgage payments in March. The suit claimed that Common and his manager, Derek Dudley, who co-owns the property, owed $345,389.52. Since... Continue Reading »

10 Best Cities for Your Social Life

If you hate staying home and wish you could go out every night of the week, then you might want to consider living in these cities. Coldwell Banker took a look at some of the trendiest places in the country and narrowed their list of the "Best Places to Live for Social Seekers" down to a hoppin' Top 10. The real estate... Continue Reading »

Wells Fargo to Pay $175 Million to Settle Case of Race Discrimination in Mortgage Lending

WASHINGTON -- Wells Fargo & Co has agreed to pay $125 million to resolve allegations it discriminated against certain borrowers on the basis of race and national origin in its mortgage lending, the U.S. government said on Thursday. Wells Fargo also agreed to contribute $50 million to help those buyers making down... Continue Reading »

Why Won't Anyone Buy Walt Disney's Childhood Home?

Walt Disney played such a huge part in all of our childhoods, and now we can get a taste of his: The iconic filmmaker's birthplace and childhood home in Chicago is on the market for a modest $179,000. You might think it's "Looney Tunes" if the price and the powerhouse name don't sell the home in a New York minute. But it... Continue Reading »

Trump Tower Penthouse Now Chicago's Top-Priced Listing

Sorry Michael Jordan, your house no longer belongs in our gallery of most expensive listings in each state. The 89th floor penthouse at Trump Tower in Chicago just listed at a record-shattering $32 million, over twice as much as the most-expensive Chicago residence ever sold. %Gallery-156602% The penthouse's 14,260... Continue Reading »

Best Cities for Sports Fans

Not all cities are created equal, and some cities are certainly better than others when it comes to sports. The more major league sports teams a city has, the more a it has to offer to those who love the game. Additionally, the more successful a team, the happier its fans become. With this in mind, 24/7 Wall St. set out... Continue Reading »

Best Places to Live for Unrepentant Shopaholics

Where are the best places to live to shop till you drop and then wake up the next day to do it again? My task is to find luxurious homes in close proximity to fabulous shopping so a shopaholic like me can have a place to crash while my plastic cools down. When looking for amazing clothes, shoes, and accessories the obvious... Continue Reading »

Actor Rockmond Dunbar Takes Loss on Chicago Getaway

Actor Rockmond Dunbar, who was named one of "Television's 50 Sexiest Stars of All Time" by TV Guide, took a loss when he recently closed on his "summer home" in Chicago's Bronzeville neighborhood. He purchased the five-bedroom, 3.5 bath house in April 2008 for $669,000, according to BlockShopper. It was last listed by... Continue Reading »

Jamie Dimon Sells Chicago Mansion After Slashing Price in Half

It took three years and at least four price offerings, but JPMorgan Chase chairman and CEO Jamie Dimon has finally sold his four-story mansion on Chicago's Gold Coast, and for under $6.95 million -- less than half of its original list price. The price on the 13,500-square-foot property, which first went on the market at... Continue Reading »

Rahm Emanuel Wants Chicago Tenant Out

White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel wants to spend more time at home in Chicago as he considers his bid for mayor of the Windy City. There's just one problem: His tenants don't want to move out just yet. Of course unaware that Mayor Richard M. Daley would announce on Sept. 7 that he would not run again for mayor in... Continue Reading »

Bedbug Killers Brainstorm at Chicago Conference

It is exterminator day for the Edelhart family. It's time to get rid of the bedbugs that have been infesting their home for weeks. "I have no idea how I got them," says Courtenay Edelhart, a single mother of two (pictured). "My best guess is they hitched a ride on the used clothes I buy on a regular basis. I shop a lot at... Continue Reading »

Condo Sales Drop: What You Should Know Before Buying One

Accidental landlords Amy and Lawrence LeVine are having trouble unloading their one-bedroom condominium in uptown Chicago, within walking distance from jogging and biking trails off Lake Michigan. They would love to put in a renter, rather than take a loss on the sale, but their condo association already booted out their... Continue Reading »

How to Buy Foreclosures

Anthony Jackson, a second-grade teacher in Chicago's metro area, says the key to buying a foreclosure is to "strike early once you see the listing" and "don't bid too low." Jackson bought a bank-owned three-bedroom, single-family home with one-and-a-half baths in the Chatham neighborhood of Chicago. "I made an offer the... Continue Reading »

Chicago Senior Residential Projects Go Green

What's not to love about rooftop gardens and terraces in a quiet neighborhood just north of a major metropolitan downtown area? They serve many purposes, especially for a community of seniors in Lakeview, just 4 miles north of the Loop. Everyone in Chicago seems to be going green these days. Not only was it recently... Continue Reading »

Luxury Apartment Rentals Are Hot Again

With amenities that include outdoor spas, poolside cabanas, private wine lockers, 24-hour fitness centers with views of the city -- who wouldn't want to live in an apartment these days? In Chicago, the big bets developers made by building nearly 1,300 new downtown apartments in 2009 appear to be paying off, big... Continue Reading »

Homeowner's Insurance at Risk for Hoarding Chicago Couple?

What's the difference between the Jonas Brothers getting stuck in an elevator for 45 minutes and an elderly couple being trapped under heaps of garbage in their own home for two weeks? One of those scenarios has potential ramifications for homeowner's insurance, while the other causes the hearts of some teen-age girls to... Continue Reading »

The LeBron Effect: Home Values When Celebrities Move In

Last week, a rampant rumor spread around Chicago that LeBron James was seen getting out of an SUV to check out a house for sale on Sheridan Road in Highland Park, Ill., with Michael Jordan (who happens to live in Highland Park as well). This was huge news, of course, since James is probably the biggest NBA free agent of... Continue Reading »

Chicago's Prolonged Housing Pain

In March, home sales bounced in many U.S. cities as the expiring federal tax credit propped up the number of sales. But in Chicago the notion that the nation is on the cusp of a buoyant housing rebound is yet to be seen. Bad signs abound: Many homes are selling for less than what was paid for them; flat-lining prices are... Continue Reading »

Chicago Foreclosures Aren't Stopping

On the heels of some positive reports about Chicago's housing market, including the surge of home sales in March, that nasty, little word "foreclosure" is back. We've discovered this month that Chicago renters were harder hit than homeowners in the housing crisis, foreclosure auctions are hitting an all-time high, and... Continue Reading »

Chicago Foreclosure Volume Fouls Up Census

Empty houses are hard to survey, but that's the challenge facing census workers in the Chicago area, where foreclosures and vacancies are weighing down response rates. This isn't just a predicament for the U.S. Census Bureau, it's a problem for these communities and their residents. Each uncounted resident could cost... Continue Reading »

Chicago: Law's Revamp Would Help Foreclosed-On Renters Recover Deposits

Security deposits haven't been that secure for many Chicago tenants lately, especially after foreclosures forced occupants from more than 8,500 rental units in 2009. That ended up costing renters as much as $7.3 million in lost deposits. Current city law requires landlords to return security deposits to displaced... Continue Reading »

Chicago Home Sales Up for 6 Months! (and Other Good News)

Well, good news for everyone except JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon. Here's what's happening: Reversing consecutive weeks of mostly dismal housing news, Chicago got word this week that home sales leaped 45 percent in March compared to last year. However, median home prices continue to fall. This marks the sixth straight month... Continue Reading »

Moving Day Is May 1: How Ya Celebrating?

When you see May 1st on your calendar, does "May Day" or "Moving Day" come to mind first? It may depend on where you live... May 1st is traditionally one of the busiest moving days in the nation. School semesters are ending and so are a slew of lease agreements. And as luck would have it for would-be movers, the weather... Continue Reading »

Chicago Real Estate News: Giant Raccoons, Vacancies and Vandalism

What, giant raccoons "as big as orangutans and bolder than ever before" invading foreclosed Chicago homes?! Since last week, this isn't the only problem that the city has brewing. Strip mall vacancies have hit a 30-year high, state unemployment ticks upward, and Illinois foreclosures are up over 17 percent in the first... Continue Reading »

Chicago Suburb Approves Nation's First Offshore Wind Farm

The Chicago area, already known for its green roofs and other eco-initiatives, may have made history earlier this week. In the northern lake suburb of Evanston, the City Council unanimously voted to move forward on a proposal to place 40 wind turbines on Lake Michigan, reports FOX News Chicago, putting the region in the... Continue Reading »

Chicago Is Most-Watched City in America

Chicago is the most closely-watched U.S. city, with a comprehensive system of surveillance cameras unlike any other major metropolitan area in the nation, reports The Associated Press. "I don't think there is another city in the U.S. that has as an extensive and integrated camera network as Chicago has," Michael Chertoff,... Continue Reading »


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