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Holiday Decorations Gone Wrong (Listing Fail)

As #houseporn fiends and real estate junkies, there's nothing we love more than poring through fabulous home listings -- except maybe sorting through the tragically un-fabulous ones. They'll definitely make you laugh, and some of them could make you cry. Every week, AOL Real Estate brings you the sorriest listings we... Continue Reading »

Xmas is for Tree Lovers, not Tree Killers

It's that time of year again. Christmas lights adorn the brownstones in my Brooklyn neighborhood, and from their lighted windows come cheery glimpses of lovingly-decorated Christmas trees. But not in my home. My fiance, an avid gardener and nature lover, has banned the tradition in our abode. Why? Well, there's the... Continue Reading »

A Healthy Christmas Tree for a Healthy Home

What's worse than a dry and brittle Christmas tree? Well, O.K., coal in your stocking, but still, nothing says bah humbug like a dead tree. So keep yours looking healthy with these 5 Tips for Christmas Tree Maintenance: 1. Make sure you choose a healthy tree. When shopping for trees, grab them by the trunk and tap them... Continue Reading »

Building's Lobby Becomes Religious Battleground

With the holidays approaching, many apartment-dwellers have helped deck their lobbies with non-denominational cheer: sparkly snowman ornaments, pinecone-pimpled wreaths, and inoffensive boughs of holly. But Justine Swartz is not amused. The Brooklyn Heights resident claims that her co-op building has violated her freedom... Continue Reading »

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