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Sealing the Deal: Creative Ways to Clinch a Real Estate Sale

By Brendon Desimone Real estate buyers and sellers often come close to making a deal -- but something stands in their way. Multiple offers and counters fly back and forth over the course of several weeks. Maybe the buyer and seller are just a few thousand dollars apart on price. There could be one sticking point that... Continue Reading »

Escrow -- It's What Happens After Your Homebuying Offer Is Accepted

So the past few months you've shopped properties, submitted offers on many and gotten your hopes up -- only to be let down. But you haven't given up, and finally you get the call from your real estate agent: Your latest offer has been accepted! You might think it's the end of the road to property ownership. But really,... Continue Reading »

Title Company Closes Doors in 47 States

What do you do when you're all set to close on a house and your selected title company goes belly up? That's what many homebuyers and real estate agents across the country are grappling with right now. Or at least there's a scramble to move their paperwork on to another company after one of the nation's largest title... Continue Reading »

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