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Lower Housing Prices Could Hurt College Attendance, Study Says

The housing bubble burst may puncture the dreams of many students hoping to attend college. As housing prices rose from the late 1990s through 2006, many parents used their new-found wealth to send their children to college, according to a recent study by Cornell University economist Michael Lovenheim. Now, with housing... Continue Reading »

How to Make Renting Off-Campus Pay

College students return to campus this week. Many of them argue -- and some even convince their parents and student loan officers -- that living off-campus is cheaper than living in the college dorms. Seems plausible. According to the College Board, students attending a four-year, in-state public institution spend an... Continue Reading »

Buying Art on a College Grad's Budget

Two things -- taste and money -- often make it difficult after college graduation to switch from tacking up posters in a dorm to decorating a home with framed artwork. While your art preferences will likely change, saving money might always be an issue. And why spend more on art than you need to when just starting... Continue Reading »

University Housing Site Makes Students' Search Easier

Last year a couple of sophomores at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth started contemplating living arrangements as juniors -- the point at which students have the option to live off-campus. For friends Chris Sterling, 20, and Ryan Fleisch, 21, it became the genesis of a start-up website,, that would... Continue Reading »

College Killing Homeownership Dreams

College graduates who want to buy a home should fear next Saturday, Dec. 12th. That's the day Fannie Mae, the quasi-government mortgage finance company, will demand a few frighteningly new requirements. Ready? First, you'll need a credit score above 640, 40 points more than previous requirements. They will also insist that... Continue Reading »

Do I Look Hot? No, Just Tan

Can you believe this? Student housing in some areas of the country still demand tanning beds. Huh? I thought a crusty, leathery, skin-cancer-tastic-tan was sooo passé. Apparently, my pale ass is wrong. "...[T]he debate continues to rage over tanning machines, an amenity in many dorms that some budding scholars... Continue Reading »

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