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Crowdfunding Becomes a Hot Property in Real Estate Investing

Sam Kittner, CNBCThe Fundrise crowdfunding platform plans to raise $350,000 to invest in the red brick building above. By Stephanie Dhue The vacant, two-story brick building at 1539 Seventh St. in the Shaw neighborhood of Washington, D.C., is not exactly what you would expect to attract enthusiastic crowdfunding. After... Continue Reading »

Bank of America Plaza to Sell at Foreclosure Auction

In today's post-bubble housing market, it's not uncommon for landmark buildings to fall into foreclosure. But this Atlanta tower is noteworthy for two reasons – it's the tallest skyscraper in the Southeast, and its sale smacks of irony. The Bank of America Plaza, the 55-story skyscraper where BofA still holds... Continue Reading »

Retail's Afterlife: The Mall-ification of the American Church

By Alice Hines Stroll through White Oaks Mall in Springfield, Ill., and you'll see the usual suspects: Spencer Gifts, Panda Express, Gap Kids (GPS). If you're preoccupied, you might not even notice iWorship. The low-key illuminated "iWC" sign, flat-screen TV, and a welcome banner splashed with what look like '90s-era... Continue Reading »

Chelsea Hotel Going Condo?

New York City's Chelsea Hotel going condo may cause as much of an uproar in the arts community as the closing of CBGBs did in the punk community. But at this point, the legendary literary landmark and residential hotel seems destined for a decidedly staid future. In a recent New York Post article, several possible... Continue Reading »

Homebuyers Hit by Commercial Real Estate Slide

Maybe you've considered refinancing your mortgage with a loan from a smaller bank. Well the next time you go to visit, the sign on the bank window may say "closed." That's because many small and regional banks are under serious pressure from the growing troubles in commercial real estate. Three more banks failed this week... Continue Reading »

Massachusetts' Most Expensive Home, Ever: Is It Worth It?

The luxury property market in Massachusetts just got a whole lot more luxurious. A nine-acre property on Cohasset Harbor, on Boston's South Shore, was listed this past week for $55 million. While the 20,000 square-foot-mansion, called The Oaks, is pretty spectacular on its own, the reason for the steep price tag is that... Continue Reading »

Why Trump Can Get a Break and You Can't

Desperate to get a principal reduction on your way-too-big mortgage? If only you were a real estate mogul. Just like homeowners, owners of commercial real estate like office and apartment buildings have been walking away from their mortgages. Dow Jones reveals the latest bombshell: Vornado Realty Trust, one of the biggest... Continue Reading »

Commercial Mortgage Defaults Up, and You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet!

Since HousingWatch began, many of us have written about what some experts fear will be the next big real estate crisis: the anticipated (dreaded?) implosion of the commercial real estate market. So, this bit of news from Real Capital Analytics ought not to come as a surprise. For the fourth quarter of 2009, the commercial... Continue Reading »

You Call That an Apt. Hunt? 4.5 Million Rentals Available in U.S.

Earlier this month new census data revealed that the homeownership rate is plummeting as foreclosures swell. That news buried the other bombshell in the latest numbers: vacancy rates are now soaring for rentals. Nationally, 10.7 percent of apartments are now sitting empty. And in apartment buildings? Vacancies are over 13... Continue Reading »

Watchdogs Warn of New Wave of CRE Defaults

A special congressional panel's newly released report is sending shock waves throughout the commercial real estate industry, not to mention causing consternation among many community bankers. It is also generating an abundance of headlines. The message from the Congressional Oversight Panel, which is charged with... Continue Reading »

Congress Fears For $7 Tril Commercial RE Market

We've been talking about the precarious state of commercial real estate for some time. Now Congress is apparently getting nervous about it, too -- and the very real possibility that whatever is now passing for an economic "recovery" could be derailed rather quickly by a catastrophe in the nearly $7 trillion commercial real... Continue Reading »

Vultures, Some With Funny Accents, Circle Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate may be in serious trouble this year, and many high-flying deals for trophy properties may be crashing to the ground, but investors are eager to scavenge the wreckage - and that's good news for the rest of us. More than half of the foreign investors polled by the Association of Foreign Investors in... Continue Reading »

Small Rental Kitchen? Hit a Food Truck

Can't create the meal-of-your-dreams in your tiny, rental kitchen? Never fear, your palate might be pleased right outside your apartment door - at a food truck. 2009 was the year of the food truck, with everyone from barbecue pit masters to gourmet ice cream vendors sidestepping pricey retail rentals in favor of going... Continue Reading »

Terrorism Worries Hit Real Estate Anew

In the wake of the Christmas 2009 attempted terrorist bombing of a Detroit-bound Northwest Airlines flight, it's easy for Americans to remember the impact of two planes hitting the World Trade Center towers, the lives lost, and the resulting economic mayhem that ensued. recently asked whether commercial... Continue Reading »

The Trouble with Commercial Real Estate

What's ailing commercial real estate? Imagine if the fixed-rate loan on your house had just a seven or ten-year term and ended in a massive balloon payment. That's the story for most commercial properties. Look around: if there's an office tower or apartment complex, chances are it was financed with a loan that ends... Continue Reading »

Tishman's Zombie Woes

Another "biggest deal in history" is falling apart.Back in 2007, when Tishman Speyer paid $1.7 billion for six office towers in Chicago's Loop, the local press proclaimed it the "biggest real estate deal in Chicago history." Now, a part of the $1.4 million package of loans on the properties is in default - and Tishman... Continue Reading »

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