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Renters on the Right Path as Suburbs Lose Momentum

Renters might want to take another look at this economic downturn. Why? Well, it could signal some really big changes in the way Americans live. In fact, renters may be at the forefront of massive lifestyle changes. Urban-studies theorist Richard Florida has a few ideas about what this economic downturn could mean and is... Continue Reading »

Cheaper Rents Mean Higher Commute Costs

The Center for Neighborhood Technology (CNT), a nonprofit organization promoting more livable and sustainable urban communities, announced this week the results of its expanded Housing + Transportation Affordability Index, which looks at the cost of living in different metropolitan area neighborhoods based on combined... Continue Reading »

Rent Closer to Work, Save Your Job

Think twice about the rental savings associated with living far away from your job: a long commute could cost you in more ways than one. Nearly a dozen nurses are learning this the hard way after a Washington, D.C. hospital fired them for not showing up for work during the recent, history-making snowstorms, reports The... Continue Reading »

Save on Your Commute with Pre-Tax Dollars

Renter life hack, priority number one: eliminate or reduce your time and cost commuting to your job. You already know that there are costs involved with either a car or public transit commute. Most people assume the only way to reduce this is through ridesharing or carpooling. Great start, but also consider an even... Continue Reading »

Report Proves City Living Cheaper

Last week the ULI Terwilliger Center for Workforce Housing released a report about the transportation costs in and around San Francisco called the Bay Area Burden. It shows the average Bay Area suburban household spends more than $41,000 a year – nearly 60 percent of their income – on transportation and... Continue Reading »

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