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Why a Long Commute Can Take a Toll on a Mortgage

Shutterstock It's the cornerstone cliche of the real estate business: Location, location, location. Most homebuyers make it past the banality to implicitly understand they may pay a premium based on a property's location. But few prospective borrowers consider a more subtle way location could crimp their budget and... Continue Reading »

Cheaper Rents Mean Higher Commute Costs

The Center for Neighborhood Technology (CNT), a nonprofit organization promoting more livable and sustainable urban communities, announced this week the results of its expanded Housing + Transportation Affordability Index, which looks at the cost of living in different metropolitan area neighborhoods based on combined... Continue Reading »

Save on Your Commute with Pre-Tax Dollars

Renter life hack, priority number one: eliminate or reduce your time and cost commuting to your job. You already know that there are costs involved with either a car or public transit commute. Most people assume the only way to reduce this is through ridesharing or carpooling. Great start, but also consider an even... Continue Reading »

Will Google's Housing Plan Do No Evil?

Nobody likes a long commute -- especially not the otherwise coddled employees of Google, No.4 on Fortune's 2010 list of 100 Best Companies to Work For. Despite the generous perks enjoyed by the Mountain View, Calif., company's workers, such as free lunch and dinner, on-site medical clinics and subsidized day-care centers,... Continue Reading »

Neighborhood Intel: North Park Slope, Brooklyn

It's common, often snickered about, knowledge that "the Slope" is the place to which Manhattanites flee once they have kids and are sick of squeezing into too-small rental apartments. Child-free Brooklynites love to complain about the Park Slope "stroller brigade" but all those moms (like the ones recently depicted in the... Continue Reading »

We Asked, You Answered: Credit Card is Biggest Budget Breaker

Last week, we polled our readers on their monthly expenditures. And what did we discover? Our debts continue to haunt us and gobble up a big chunk of our paycheck and yet we still prefer the luxury of eating out rather than cooking at home. (Perhaps, most of the money is spent on booze, to drink the economic sorrow... Continue Reading »

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