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New Real Estate Website Unshrouds Homes' Dark Pasts

DiedInHouse By Alan Farnham via Good Morning America Shopping for a new home or apartment? Worried it might once have been the scene of murder, suicide or murder-suicide? Then there's a new real estate tool for you:, which answers the question, "Has anybody ever died in this house?" DiedInHouse is the... Continue Reading »

Tips on Selling, Buying -- or Avoiding -- 'Haunted' Houses

Shutterstock By Geoff Williams Louisa Eyler didn't buy a haunted house, as far as she knows, but her new home does have a creepy past, and some friends and family members have already declared their intentions to stay as far away from it as possible. Her 12-year-old son, R.J., has asked for a thermal imaging reader to... Continue Reading »

Serial Killer Site Featured on Sacramento Home Tour

SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- A former boardinghouse run by a California woman convicted of killing her elderly tenants and burying them in the yard became a tourist destination over the weekend. The Victorian duplex in Sacramento that had been operated by Dorothea Puente was one of five featured houses on the Sacramento Old... Continue Reading »

Notorious Schaffhausen House Dismantled for Charity

KSTP The two-story home where three young girls died at the hands of their father in River Falls, Wis., is being dismantled piece by piece this week. The land it's set on will ultimately be sold so that proceeds can go toward building a playground in the memory of 11-year-old Amara, 8-year-old Sophie, and 5-year-old... Continue Reading »

Phoenix Home Wrecked in Hostage Standoff -- Who's Responsible?

After seeing the ruined interior of a Phoenix home stormed by a SWAT team, some may ask: Did authorities go too far? A wanted man allegedly held five hostages at the house -- including the homeowners. To get inside, officers rammed an armored vehicle into the walls of the house several times. After the chaotic scene, the... Continue Reading »

Ariel Castro's Cleveland Home Becomes a 'Tourist Destination'

The white-shingled, two-story home at 2207 Seymour Ave. in Cleveland might look like many American homes from the outside -- if it weren't for the tall chain-link fence now surrounding it and the crowds of visitors fighting to take pictures. The home, where Ariel Castro allegedly held Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and... Continue Reading »

Full Disclosure Laws: Janet Milliken Sues Seller, Realtor Over Home's Notorious Past

By Susanna Kim Stigmatized homes are tricky. It can be hard to sell a home where a murder has taken place (as the owner of Jeffrey Dahmer's childhood home can attest). These homes often sell at deep discounts because of their grim histories, but sometimes that works out for investors. In any case, some states have... Continue Reading »

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