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10 Cities Where People Feel the Most Unsafe at Night

Imagine never feeling safe walking the streets of your own town after dark. In these 10 cities, that's exactly how residents feel. According to a recent Gallup poll, 72 percent of Americans say that they feel safe walking home at night, a slight uptick from the 71 percent who said the same in 2011. But there remain some... Continue Reading »

Edgel Family's Texas Rental Home Turns Out to Be Marijuana Grow House

One reason why a thorough inspection is necessary before moving into a home? It could reveal that the property used to be a massive marijuana grow house. But the Edgel family wasn't thinking in those terms when they moved from Utah into a house in Cypress, Texas. They didn't know the backstory: The home was involved... Continue Reading »

50 Cats Found in Sioux City Home and Police Seek Owner-of-Record Mark J. Lanning

Animal control officers in Sioux City, Iowa, had to don hazmat suits this week to enter a home that apparently had been abandoned along with about 50 cats inside it, some of them dead. "The conditions were unbelievable, that's all I can tell you, that they were absolutely unbearable," Cindy Rarrat, head of the Sioux... Continue Reading »

South Carolina Homeowner Says Facebook Photos Show Teens Broke Into Home, Threw Party

A homeowner alerted police when he reportedly found pictures posted on Facebook of his daughter's teenage classmates partying in his house. The 39-year-old homeowner in Tega Cay, S.C., who wished to remain anonymous as to not embarrass his children, told WCNC-TV in nearby Charlotte that the party happened when his entire... Continue Reading »

Truck Theft Suspect Travis Rose Sentenced for Camping on the Roof of a Florida Shoe Store

A 20-year-old man who was arrested when he was found camping on the roof of a store in Ocala, Fla., is now spending his days in the county jail. Travis Rose (pictured below) said that he and a friend had been living a three-room tent on the roof of Shoe Carnival, concealed by a sign, for about three weeks. Rose pleaded... Continue Reading »

New Renters in Modesto Reportedly Find Body of Fellow Tenant, Jorge Amador-Molina

Renters moving into a house in Modesto, Calif., were shocked this week to discover there the body of a man who'd been stabbed to death, police say. The stabbing victim was reportedly a local ice cream vendor who was also residing in the home. According to News10 television in Modesto, the new tenants (a couple who were... Continue Reading »

Korean War Veteran John Ramsey of Clover, S.C., Faces Jail Time for Junk in His Yard

A 79-year-old Korean War veteran could land himself behind bars for up to 30 days if he doesn't clean up the junk in his yard. John Ramsey of Clover, S.C., was fined $500 by the town for collecting everything from washing machines, decorative horses and building materials, and keeping them on his lawn. In Clover, it is... Continue Reading »

Snakes, Alligators and Other Exotic Animals Found Inside Brooklyn Apartment

Ever heard the phrase "you live in a zoo"? Renters in one New York City apartment apparently took that a little too literally. On Friday, NYPD officers reportedly found 13 exotic animals -- including a tarantula, two alligators, two bearded dragons, five pythons and a boa constrictor -- living inside fish tanks in... Continue Reading »

Abandoned Home in Queens, N.Y., a 'Den of Violence,' Neighbors Say

An abandoned home in the Queens borough of New York City has become a house of horrors for neighbors who claim that gang members have taken over the property and turned it into a "den of violence," the Daily News reported. "It's been a disaster for the past few years," said one neighbor, who declined to be named.... Continue Reading »

Actor Tommy 'Tiny' Lister to Plead Guilty in Mortgage Fraud Scheme

Character actor Tommy "Tiny" Lister, who has appeared in films such as "Friday" and "Jackie Brown," has pleaded guilty to a multimillion dollar mortgage fraud scheme and faces up to five years in federal prison. Between November 2006 and June 2007, Lister, whose credits span approximately 100 movies and TV shows,... Continue Reading »

Gary Harrington of Oregon Jailed for Illegal Rainwater Reservoirs on His Property

An Eagle Point, Ore., man has begun serving a 30-day jail sentence after he built three reservoirs on his property to collect rainwater -- an apparent violation of a state law that says all water is publicly owned. Gary Harrington (pictured above) has collected nearly 13 million gallons of water in his reservoirs (one... Continue Reading »

Rian White of East Hampton, N.Y., Angers Neighbors By Telling People to Throw Paint on His House

We've seen some bad paint jobs on houses before, but this one might be the worst. Rian White (pictured below) of East Hampton, N.Y., did some rabble rousing when he asked anyone and everyone for "help" painting his house. In a move that angered neighbors, White put up a sign outside of his home, reading: "Help paint a... Continue Reading »

Homeless Man Robert Downs' Camouflaged Shack Shielded Him From Authorities for Months, Police Say

One solution to homelessness: Build your own house in the woods. That's allegedly what Robert Downs, 51, did at the Tujunga Ponds Wildlife Sanctuary in Sunland, Calif. Using materials he purchased from a nearby Home Depot, Downs was able to build a shed (pictured above and below) complete with four bunk beds, tables,... Continue Reading »

David Hoffman of Marin County, Calif., Ordered to Tear Down Sustainable Home He Built for 40 Years

David Hoffman (pictured above) of Marin County, Calif., has built a pond that refills with groundwater using a solar powered pump. He utilizes buckets of worms to digest food waste and human waste and turn it into useful fertilizer for his gardens. He has carved caves for drying tea leaves. And he has used recycled... Continue Reading »

Officer Fired After Entering Woman's Bedroom to Serve Notice for Overgrown Lawn

A Georgia woman was sleeping soundly in her bed when a compliance officer allegedly walked right into her home -- and into her bedroom -- to deliver a violation notice for her grass being too long. Erica Masters of Martinez, Ga., was scared half to death when she was awakened by Jimmy Vowell, a county code compliance... Continue Reading »

Homeless Man Allegedly Rents Out Vacant Home to Tenants

Is being a thief better than being a squatter? A homeless man allegedly stole $1,375 in cash by renting out a vacant home in Ormond Beach, Fla., so that he could afford a place to live, reported. Eric Sisson, 27, (pictured at left) listed the foreclosed home on Craigslist, claiming that he recently... Continue Reading »

L.A. Landlord Charged With Turning a Triplex Into 44 Rentals

An L.A. landlord who's alleged to have illegally converted a triplex into a crammed 44-unit apartment building has been slapped with criminal charges by city prosecutors, the Los Angeles Times reported. John Callaghan put tenants' lives at risk by not installing proper electrical wiring and enough smoke detectors and... Continue Reading »

A Whack Job? Gardener Allegedly Attacks Homeowner

This is one gardener you might want to weed out. A Laguna Niguel, Calif., homeowner got into an argument with his gardener, Francisco Calderonfarias (pictured at left), because he didn't like some of his work, authorities say. Calderonfarias then allegedly responded by attacking the homeowner and hitting him with the... Continue Reading »

Unaware Renter Caught Up in Drug Bust

We've brought you Craigslist scams and Craigslist nightmares, but now we present a bona fide Craigslist horror story! One unsuspecting Phoenix man recently moved into a shared home he found on the classified-ad web site, with no idea of the situation he was moving into. That situation quickly became clear when he walked... Continue Reading »

Artists Draw Attention to Detroit's Housing Crisis

Though typically in the headlines for its crime rate, its astonishing unemployment, or any number of other depressing stats, not all the news out of Detroit these days is bad. The same pillowy-soft real estate market that makes the Motor City a renter's dream, has opened the door for aspiring artists to turn some of the... Continue Reading »

7 Mistakes by Realtor's Aide Led to Murder Conviction

Videotape from the security cameras in her building played a key role in Tuesday's conviction of Realtor Linda Stein's murderer yesterday. Stein, "Realtor to the Stars," who in 2007 was clubbed to death by her assistant at Stein's posh Park Avenue Manhattan home located in an area that names one of the safest... Continue Reading »

Graffiti Artists Losing Ground in New York

Is graffiti art or urban blight? That's long been the question in New York City, a graffiti hub since the 1960s, that's recently seen some beloved institutions fall. In 2006, it was announced that 11 Spring Street – a 19th century NoLiTa building whose exterior bore two decades of spray paint and wheat paste... Continue Reading »

Mattress Fracas Kills Landlord

Voices made you do it? Sooo played out. Try: "the mattress made me do it." Bronx landlord George Shim, 37, lost his life this week when a seriously nutty tenant plunged a kitchen knife into his chest. The reason? A heated quarrel over a mattress. Continue Reading »

How Renters Can Protect Against Crime

Unfortunately for renters, criminals often target large rental communities because of their size and the amount of people coming and going can absorb their presence. Putting sturdy locks on your doors to keep burglars out can be a problem because the landlord may not want renters to modify the property. Here's what... Continue Reading »

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