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7 Major Cities Where Rents Are Now Below Average

ShutterstockWhile the national average for a rental apartment hoovers around $1,200 a month, in Las Vegas it's $993. By Donna Fuscaldo These days, $1,000 isn't going to get you a lot in the current rental market. The national average for a rental apartment hoovers around $1,200 thanks to limited inventory and... Continue Reading »

Spanish-Style Homes as Seen on 'American Dream Builders'

ZillowThe living room of this Santa Barbara, Calif., house features a hand-carved wood ceiling. By Catherine Sherman NBC's new home renovation reality show, "American Dream Builders," wouldn't be complete without some Spanish architectural flair. This week, designers renovated Spanish houses with quintessential... Continue Reading »

For Sale: Standout Storybook Tudors in Major U.S. Metros

Zillow By Catherine Sherman If you caught Sunday's premiere of NBC's new reality home renovation show, "American Dream Builders," you saw leading designers and home builders going head-to-head in the battle of storybook Tudors. Their challenge? To add improvements and style to two North Hollywood homes built in... Continue Reading »

What's Middle Class in America?

Debate rages in the U.S. over what is -- and who is -- "middle class" in America. What was once based on notions of median household income and a distinct working class -- with ideals of "the white picket fence" and the "American Dream" -- is becoming increasingly broad, arbitrary and complex as the gap widens between rich... Continue Reading »

Crespi/Hicks Estate: Most Expensive Home on the Market Asking $135 Million

With a $135 million asking price, the famed Crespi/Hicks Estate in Dallas is the most expensive home on the market in the country right now. That's the news -- but the real story goes far deeper than that. The home is an architectural masterpiece harkening back to the great, regal estates of the 1920s and '30s, said... Continue Reading »

Lee Harvey Oswald's Dallas Apartment Demolished

A handful of history buffs and curious onlookers watched Monday as a bulldozer demolished the dilapidated Dallas apartment building where Lee Harvey Oswald lived a few months before the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. The uninhabited 10-unit, two-story apartment complex built in 1925 was one of several... Continue Reading »

Dallas Home Has Incredible Bowling Alley (House of the Day)

We've seen homes with private bowling alleys before, but this one's something else. This Dallas home doesn't just have a bowling alley, it has a "bowling center." And it's 5,000 square feet, boasts neon signs, a four-lane alley, flat-screen televisions and even a 1950s-style diner! You've gotta be kidding, right? Crazy... Continue Reading »

Best Cities for Sports Fans

Not all cities are created equal, and some cities are certainly better than others when it comes to sports. The more major league sports teams a city has, the more a it has to offer to those who love the game. Additionally, the more successful a team, the happier its fans become. With this in mind, 24/7 Wall St. set out... Continue Reading »

Best Places to Live for Unrepentant Shopaholics

Where are the best places to live to shop till you drop and then wake up the next day to do it again? My task is to find luxurious homes in close proximity to fabulous shopping so a shopaholic like me can have a place to crash while my plastic cools down. When looking for amazing clothes, shoes, and accessories the obvious... Continue Reading »

U.S. Soldier Evicted by Homeowners Association While Serving in Iraq

Capt. Michael Clauer of Frisco, Texas was deployed and serving his country in Iraq when the Heritage Lakes Homeowners Association decided to sell his family's home. The story is an especially surprising one considering that the HOA foreclosed on the home owned by Capt. Clauer, who serves in the Army Reserve, and his wife... Continue Reading »

Dallas Home for Sale: University Park Colonial for Just Under $1M

With the average home in the desirable Dallas, Texas, suburb of University Park selling for more than $1 million, finding a deal can be difficult. This house at 4508 Stanhope St. in University Park is only $1 under $1 million -- listed at $999,999 -- but it's still a worthy home to buy with plenty of room in a great... Continue Reading »

Dallas: Lakewood House With 5BR and Huge Porch, $1.5M

I want a big house with a big porch so I can sit outside to relax on sunny days, and drink lemonade while sitting in a rocking chair and reading. I know it's a lot to ask for, but the house at 6848 Velasco Ave. in Dallas, Texas, has all that and more for $1,499,000. Not that I have that much money to spend on a house, but... Continue Reading »

University Park, Dallas Home -- Suburb in the City for $1.5M

Living in a metropolitan city like Dallas, Texas, certainly has its advantages. There are all kinds of restaurants to try, sporting events and arts performances to attend, and enough people-watching to keep entertained. But what I like about this $1.5-million house at 3611 Caruth Blvd. in the city of University Park,... Continue Reading »

Dallas Hit With New Wave of Real Estate Scams

What if that real estate agent you are working with is a phony baloney? Or an impostor tried to lease your house right out from under you? From the annals of believe it or not real estate news, this is happening all over the Dallas/ Fort Worth area, warns the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) in this pdf. The Internet,... Continue Reading »

I Want This House! Dallas, Texas Oasis, $950K

You don't expect to see much greenery in Texas, but this $950,000 house in Dallas has enough in the back yard and at nearby White Rock Lake that beating the summer heat while enjoying the view will be easy. I've written before here about big homes in Dallas at similar prices, but this one at 7151 Greentree Lane is unique... Continue Reading »

I Want This Dallas House, All 3,800 Square Feet of It, $899K

The new slogan for the city of Dallas is "Live large. Think big." That's exactly what I want to do at this house at 6652 Lakeshore Drive in Dallas. The 3,812-square-foot home in the Country Club Estates subdivision is huge, as everything in Texas should be, and has a large rooms and an open floor plan to make stretching... Continue Reading »

Apartment Guru: The Dirty Broker

Dear Apartment Guru, I had something disgusting happen the other day -- while being shown the world's best apartment (a gorgeous one bedroom with phenomenal lighting and a modicum of outdoor-space in my price range) my broker came onto me. There are about 100 reasons I don't want to ever call him again -- let's just say... Continue Reading »

J.R. Shot, Home Price Won't Flatline

Actor Larry Hagman -- fondly remembered for his role as J.R. in the 1980s hit "Dallas" -- has listed his Ojai, Calif., home for $9.3 million. The Mediterranean-style home sits on Sulpher Mountain Road in Ojai, with views of the ocean, the Channel Islands and surrounding Ventura Valley. The 18,000-square-foot home has... Continue Reading »

Four Seasons' Foreclosure in Dallas

Can you imagine a Four Seasons hotel slipping into foreclosure? Well, that's exactly what happened in Texas two weeks ago to the owners of the Four Seasons Las Colinas in Irving, Texas, just outside of Dallas. With $183 million in debt, the Four Seasons, which manages the property owned by Los Angeles-based BentlyForbes,... Continue Reading »

Dallas Crime Hits Million Dollar Neighborhoods

Hold on to your bling, ladies. Crime in Dallas is now infiltrating even the very best neighborhoods. Million-dollar homeowners beware. Several weeks ago, a Dallas woman did what she does about three times a week: run to the local Whole Foods market at the Preston Forest Shopping Center (left) near North Dallas. She was... Continue Reading »

Beantown for Bachelorettes

Should Carrie Bradshaw and her gal pals pack their bags and move to Boston? Yes, according to SingleMindedWomen.com, which just released its 2010 list of the top 10 cities for single women. Boston tops the list, followed by Washington DC, New York City, Seattle, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Denver, Pittsburgh, Dallas, and... Continue Reading »

Looks Like Rubbish, Feels Like Home

You wouldn't be faulted for thinking the Unicat home is a garbage truck. However, it is a high-end, off-road mobile home. Yes, you read that correctly: mobile home. Fasten your seat belt, too, because when you discover this breed of mobile home starts at $500,000 you might get whiplash. Have a look at the surprisingly... Continue Reading »

Bush Joins Tear-Down Brigade

Down in Texas, former President George W. and Laura Bush have joined a dwindling crowd: the home tear-down brigade. Though national home-razing stats are not available, the National Association of Realtors estimates that 75,000 homes are torn down annually. The most house-busting dust flies in suburban Chicago, the San... Continue Reading »

Nab a Decor Deal in L.A., N.Y., Dallas, Chicago

When you're out returning that Christmas sweater from Aunt Rose, it might be time to check out some of the great, end-of-year furniture sales going on in home shops across the country. We've pulled together a list of top sales - in New York, L.A., Chicago and Dallas - to shop for your new home (or your old home you want to... Continue Reading »

Military Get a Housing Raise

Just as rents are plummeting around the country, the Defense Department announced this week that military personnel will get a 2.5 percent raise in their housing allowance in 2010. What they really probably want is fewer deployments. But an average of $37 more a month for rent, will have to suffice for now. How much... Continue Reading »

Dallas Insider: Q&A With Candy Evans

The doyenne of Dallas real estate gives us a peek into her rarefied Preston Hollow neighborhood, and discusses Dallas' affinity for square footage, fabulous entertaining and the Bush family. Name: Candace ("Candy") Evans Age: Fifty-something (50 is the new 40!) Occupation: Real Estate Editor, D Magazine Partners; Dallas... Continue Reading »

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