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How to Rent an Apartment for Cheap

Allison G. wanted to move to a nice one-bedroom apartment in Beverly Hills for as little rent per month as possible. Though the median for a one bedroom in the area is $1,850 a month, Allison found her dream apartment--with outdoor space, hardwood floors and parking -- for under $1,400. When you're in the market to rent... Continue Reading »

Apartment Rental Incentives: See What You Can Get

One good thing about the downturned economy and the less-than-stellar housing market is that renters have a lot to chose from. So many, in fact, that landlords across the country have been doing some interesting things to lure people to sign on the dotted line -- which is great news for renters. Incentives can include:... Continue Reading »

Renters, There's Still Time to Bargain

Yesterday we reminded you that May 1st is moving day. Chances are good that you or someone you know is about to take the big leap into a new place - but don't sign that lease without a little insider's knowledge. According to the UK's National Landlords Association (NLA), landlords are still experiencing high levels of... Continue Reading »

Hotels Under Pressure, Great Deals for Travelers

Want to live large? Now's your chance. Some of the country's most expensive hotels are offering big discounts. You can stay at the Four Seasons in San Francisco this weekend at prices starting at $325 a night. That's cheap for San Francisco, to say nothing of a famous five-star hotel at short notice. Continue Reading »

Boston Market Bails Out Hunger For $1

Following KFC's $1 meal deal, Boston Market has stepped up with a dollar offer of its own, but it expires on Sunday, Nov. 1. We can't even get to their site, so this looks to be a hot deal for chicken lovers this Halloween weekend. According to our friends at Slashfood, customers can get their choice of a quarter white... Continue Reading »

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