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City to Demolish High-Rises for Games' Opening Ceremony

Paradasos/FlickrGlasgow's decaying Red Road Flats housing development has been undergoing demolition. By Jill Lawless LONDON -- The 1996 Atlanta games had Muhammad Ali lighting the Olympic flame, while London 2012 featured James Bond skydiving with the queen. Organizers of this year's Commonwealth Games in Glasgow... Continue Reading »

Incredible Shrinking Building in Tokyo Skyscraper Demolition (VIDEO)

The ongoing demolition of a Tokyo skyscraper makes it look like the 460-foot-tall building is shrinking. Taisei Corp., the construction company taking down the Grand Prince Hotel Akasaka, is using a new demolition technique, disassembling the building from the top down, floor by floor. No mess, no dust -- and it's... Continue Reading »

Frank Lloyd Wright Group Fights to Save His Home in Phoenix From Demolition

Conservationists are rushing to win landmark status for a home in Arizona built by iconic architect Frank Lloyd Wright to block its pending demolition. In June, developer 8081 Meridian paid $1.8 million for the David and Gladys Wright House -- which Frank Lloyd Wright designed for one of his sons. Its plan is to tear... Continue Reading »

Hamptons Couple Tears Down House Mid-Construction

Say you're halfway through building a new home when you realize -- oops! -- there's not enough room for a pool in the backyard! What ever are you to do? If you're one couple in the Hamptons, you tear the sucker down and start again from scratch. Eric and Margaret Friedberg did just that when, in the middle of... Continue Reading »

Couple Tears Down $4.2 Million Manse for a Better View

When is a $19 million 11,200-square-foot mansion with a "resort-style health club," a 60-foot pool and 5,000 square feet of stone terraces not enough? When the view is partially obstructed by the $4.2 million mansion next door. The solution? Tear down the house next door. That's what Clark and Sharon Winslow of... Continue Reading »

Romney Family Home Demolished as Part of Detroit Rejuvenation Plan

The childhood home of former Massachusetts governor and 2008 Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney was torn down yesterday as part of a plan to demolish thousands of dilapidated homes in Detroit. The Romneys lived in the 5,500-square-foot Palmer Woods home from 1941 to 1953. The former Romney home was located at... Continue Reading »

Florida Condo Goes Boom in Implosion

A 30-story hurricane-damaged condo in West Palm Beach, Fla. came tumbling down on Sunday in a Valentines Day implosion that made spectators' hearts go 'boom.' The scheduled implosion took only 15 seconds to crash the concrete and steel building into a 40-foot pile of rubble that will take about three months to clean up.... Continue Reading »

HUD Grants $2Bil to Repair Nabes and Knock Down Homes

What's a city supposed to do when foreclosures tally into the thousands and streets are glutted with far more empty, falling-apart houses than people willing to live in them? For a growing number of cities, a big part of the answer is: knock 'em down. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development has awarded $2... Continue Reading »

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