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New Renters in Modesto Reportedly Find Body of Fellow Tenant, Jorge Amador-Molina

Renters moving into a house in Modesto, Calif., were shocked this week to discover there the body of a man who'd been stabbed to death, police say. The stabbing victim was reportedly a local ice cream vendor who was also residing in the home. According to News10 television in Modesto, the new tenants (a couple who were... Continue Reading »

Recluse Walter Samaszko Jr. Left $7 Million in Gold Hidden In Carson City Home

A Carson City, Nev., man who was found dead in his home (pictured below) in June left only $200 in the bank -- but a fortune worth millions more hidden inside his house. Walter Samaszko Jr., who's been described as a recluse, had been dead for more than a month when authorities discovered his body. And as officials... Continue Reading »

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