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Backyard Batting Cage Project Grew Into a League of Its Own

It's not uncommon for parents to support their kids' athletic pursuits with more than a back-of-the-garage basketball hoop, as some go so far as to install swimming pools, backyard skating rinks, pitching mounds, putting greens and even indoor courts. But one Minnesota man put a home-made batting cage in his yard that... Continue Reading »

When Is a Bedroom Not a Bedroom?

There are a few homeowners who have turned a room in the basement into a bedroom, or an unused office into a bedroom. Maybe even a sitting room into a bedroom. But what do you do when you buy a house and you have what looks like a bedroom, complete with closet and windows, on the upper level of your home, but find out a... Continue Reading »

Indiana Man Turns Backyard Into Mini-Roller Coaster Park

Roller coaster lover John Ivers says he never had much opportunity to visit amusement parks. So he found a novel means of enjoying the rides, building two of them in his backyard near Vincennes, Ind., using scrap metal and parts scavenged from the shop where he works. Ivers' first coaster, The Blue Flash, features a... Continue Reading »

10 DIY Projects to Spruce Up Your Basement

An unfinished basement tends to be the area of the house that is the most difficult to renovate. After all, no one wants to spend time in a room with cement floors, dim lighting or musty odors, and renovating a basement to mirror your living room is undoubtedly a major expense. So MainStreet asked the design pros to weigh... Continue Reading »

10 DIY Projects That Even Renters Can Do

By Scott Gamm NEW YORK -- Even though mortgage rates are at historically low levels, it's the rental market in many areas across the U.S. that is really heating up. Obtaining a mortgage is undoubtedly a strenuous process on the heels of tightened credit standards. Add to that the fact that many Americans simply can't... Continue Reading »

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