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Mortgage Applications Dip, Or Is It Double Dip?

Blame it on mortgage insurance rates. Mortgage applications dropped 5.6 percent from a week earlier as of April 22, reported the Mortgage Bankers Association. This coincided with a hike in FHA loan premiums -- over the past month, applications had risen as home buyers tried to beat the deadline. There also was no... Continue Reading »

Case Shiller: Home Prices Sink, Double Dip Looms

Home prices in 11 key markets reached new lows in the month of January, according to housing data released Tuesday, rekindling fears of a double dip in the housing market. Of the 20 housing markets surveyed by the S&P/Case-Shiller Index, only two metropolitan areas -- Washington, D.C., and San Diego-- posted... Continue Reading »

Double Dip for Housing -- Or Is It an Extended Single Dip?

Is the housing market experiencing a double dip? It depends who you ask. The latest data on home prices, including the influential Case-Shiller Index, indicates that values are falling again in almost every market across the nation. Then again, the Commerce Department recently reported that the sales of newly constructed... Continue Reading »

Double Dip in 2011: How Will Your Market Fare?

The sky isn't falling just yet, but it may be wise to prepare the storm shed. Real estate analyst firm Clear Capital released new figures on Thursday suggesting that a double dip in housing prices is coming, but will not occur until at least spring 2011. This isn't cause for celebration, however -- it merely implies that... Continue Reading »

Home Prices Rise for the Quarter, Decreasing Chance of Double Dip

Thanks to the homebuyer tax credits, housing prices increased 7.9 percent quarter over quarter in the U.S., according to the Clear Capital Home Data Index. Clear Capital also believes there is a "cushion against potential future declines and the start of a double-dip." Adding to the good news, Clear Capital found that the... Continue Reading »

Home Sales Increase, but Prices Aren't Rising Fast Enough

In any normal market, an increase in home sales would be good news. But combined with extremely sluggish price appreciation, the leading housing indicators may point to more trouble than good. Research firm Radar Logic believes these two factors, combined with a decrease in sales of foreclosed homes, suggest that the... Continue Reading »

Real Estate News Roundup

It's been a rocky week for residential real estate, with many leading indicators plummeting into negative territory. The big question is whether we're headed for a double dip in home prices, or if the market will slowly stabilize. HousingWatch has gathered some of the top headlines from TV and print in the past 24... Continue Reading »

New Home Sales Lagged in May, So What's Next?

It's official: The housing market stinks. So when's the turnaround coming? Sales of new homes went into a freefall in May without the government's artificial lifeline. No wonder homebuilders were feeling so glum in June. Analysts were expecting a dip in the housing market, but nothing this bad. New home sales dropped... Continue Reading »

Are Home Prices Headed for a Double Dip?

Just as home prices appear to be stabilizing, we may be falling into what economists call a "double dip." In other words, after climbing back from the near death spiral of the last few years, yet another round of housing pain may be on its way. U.S. housing prices have plummeted a jaw-dropping 32.6 percent from their... Continue Reading »

Are You a Single or a Double Dipper?

Walking down Fifth Avenue recently, I couldn't help but be struck by the number of empty storefronts, particularly at this time of year. So much for those green shoots. Talk of an economic double dip is rising, as typically happens at the tail end of every recession. What backs up the argument for a double dip? Let's have... Continue Reading »

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