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Edgel Family's Texas Rental Home Turns Out to Be Marijuana Grow House

One reason why a thorough inspection is necessary before moving into a home? It could reveal that the property used to be a massive marijuana grow house. But the Edgel family wasn't thinking in those terms when they moved from Utah into a house in Cypress, Texas. They didn't know the backstory: The home was involved... Continue Reading »

Apartment Guru: The Drug Dealer Next Door

Dear Apartment Guru, I live in Sonoma County, Calif. and have a problem with the management here at my apartment complex. First, it's a government run (HUD), 55-and-older senior complex, but a lot of people under 55 live here because of its HUD status. Well, there are drug dealers living in this complex (they are... Continue Reading »

Newark: Sex, Drugs, Violence—and Edgy Art?

Manhattan's art scene is epic, but the island is still too expensive for most struggling artists. Brooklyn's art collective has long emerged and is also pricing out the up-and-coming set. Newark, however, is equal parts affordable, gritty and authentic. That is if you don't mind getting inspiration from a higher crime rate... Continue Reading »

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