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Incandescent Lightbulb Regulations: What's True, What's Not

By Mary Boone Feeling in the dark about lightbulbs? You're not alone. New federal regulations regarding the sale of incandescent lightbulbs are a little confusing. Many consumers mistakenly believe the new standards, included in the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007, ban the sale of incandescent bulbs. Not... Continue Reading »

Green Remodeling: How to Make Your Renovation Project More Energy Efficient

By Dona DeZube Saving energy wasn't on the list of reasons we're finally ripping out the kitchen in our mid-century home (green-veined, imitation marble laminate countertops figured much more prominently). But a session at the recent 2012 Remodeling Show in Baltimore clued me in as to why adding a few simple tasks to... Continue Reading »

Save Energy This Winter

While you're roasting your chestnuts on that open fire, you're also letting plenty of heat escape up through the chimney. Luckily, at AOL Real Estate we've got some great ideas to help you save energy this winter. Check out these energy-saving guides: Energy Efficient Home Improvements for Every Budget Ways to... Continue Reading »

Obama Visits Virginia Home Depot

"More saving. More doing." That's superstore Home Depot's slogan, and one that President Obama seemingly would like to adopt. The President visits the mega-store today in Arlington, Virginia. President Obama is pushing Congress to pass financial incentives for homeowners who retrofit their homes to make them more... Continue Reading »

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