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Be Alert to Today's Hidden Costs of Homebuying

Shutterstock By Geoff Williams You're looking for a house and see the perfect listing. It has a big number on it. For simplicity's sake, say $200,000. If you're like most prospective homeowners, you think you will soon be talking to a lender and getting a loan for this amount. But as veteran homebuyers already know, you... Continue Reading »

Escrow -- It's What Happens After Your Homebuying Offer Is Accepted

So the past few months you've shopped properties, submitted offers on many and gotten your hopes up -- only to be let down. But you haven't given up, and finally you get the call from your real estate agent: Your latest offer has been accepted! You might think it's the end of the road to property ownership. But really,... Continue Reading »

Real Estate Terms and What They Mean

Jaime Uziel knows that as a real estate attorney his clients depend on him to interpret the legalese that's part of any real estate transaction. He's happy to do that, he says, but he also tries to educate his clients about real estate terms and what they mean. "They are the ones signing these documents, and they should... Continue Reading »

Closing Costs: Settlement and Escrow

Set with solid jobs, nice cars and a baby on the way, there was only one thing Liz and Wes Clayton were missing: the perfect house. They had no problem tracking down the ideal three-bedroom ranch in Fairfax, Va., negotiating a price or securing a loan -- it was the closing costs that left them less than settled. "The only... Continue Reading »

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