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Tech Protesters Get Personal, Target San Francisco Landlord

Jeff Chiu/The Associated PressHousing activists gather outside of City Hall in San Francisco on Jan. 21 to protest tech-worker shuttle buses. By Sarah McBride Demonstrations against the grip on San Francisco held by wealthy technology workers took a personal turn with protesters taking aim at a Google lawyer they say... Continue Reading »

City Serves Woman Eviction Notice on Her 100th Birthday (Video)

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Evicted Tenant Allegedly Trashes House To Make It Uninhabitable

A tenant who's complained to news media about abandoned or unsafe homes in his South Bend, Ind., neighborhood has contributed to the problem himself by trashing the house he rented to the point where it's no longer inhabitable, says his former landlady. "Allen told me he would make sure the house was not rentable... Continue Reading »

92-Year-Old's Offer to Buy Back Home Denied, Eviction Looms

By Susanna Kim After raising money from Internet donors, a 92-year-old man's attempts to buy back from his daughter the house that he built have been rejected as he awaits his eviction hearing next week. John Potter of Zaleski, Ohio, received an eviction notice from his daughter, Janice Cotrill, and son-in-law earlier... Continue Reading »

Ricardo Cerezo, Facing Eviction, Finds $4.85 Million Lottery Ticket

Man about to lose his home, finds lottery ticket and wins millions of dollars: It's the stuff of dreams, right? Well for Ricardo Cerezo of Geneva, Ill., that scenario was a reality. In February, Cerezo appeared at a foreclosure hearing where he was told he had mere months before his family was to be evicted from his... Continue Reading »

Oklahoma Apartment Complex Threatens to Evict Tenants for Police Visits

Residents of an apartment complex in Edmond, Okla., are a bit taken aback after management sent around flyers threatening eviction for anyone who has police sent to their apartment, Tulsa TV station KWTV reported. "If police are called to your apartment for any reason, your lease will be subject to immediate... Continue Reading »

Tenants' Rights in Eviction: When Do Landlords Go Too Far?

What can you be evicted for? The most common reasons for eviction are unpaid rent or consistently late rent payments. Illegal activity on rental property or allowing people to live in an apartment when they are not covered by the terms of a lease agreement can also get a tenant booted. But burning your dinner in the... Continue Reading »

Occupy Our Homes, Occupy Wall Street Offshoot, Builds a Reputation in Battling Foreclosures

Though Occupy Wall Street is fading from the public eye, one of its offshoots continues to garner attention, carrying the torch as perhaps the most potent legacy of a movement that's largely cooled. Ten months ago, Occupy Our Homes officially launched in more than 20 cities, staging sit-ins at properties in danger of... Continue Reading »

Occupy Our Homes Launches TV Ad Campaign to Fight Foreclosures

Occupy Our Homes, an offshoot of the Occupy Wall Street movement, launched a national ad campaign this week aimed at inspiring beleaguered homeowners to battle foreclosure and eviction. The organization has created a foreclosure-resistance template and support network that it hopes borrowers will use to fight off... Continue Reading »

Jennifer Britt, Detroit Homeowner, Staves Off Eviction With Help of Occupy Detroit

By Mandi Woodruff Neighbors and activists have rallied around a Detroit woman on the brink of eviction. Jennifer Britt's supporters are literally guarding the house day and night to ward off the county sheriff and dumptrucks sent to empty out her family's belongings. "That's why I'm still here today," Britt told... Continue Reading »

Alleged Aurora Mass Shooter James Holmes Evicted for 'Substantial Violation of His Lease'

Alleged movie theater gunman James Holmes is officially being evicted from his Aurora, Colo., apartment. According to an eviction notice, Holmes is being kicked out because he "murdered numerous individuals" and "booby trapped the premises," both violations of his lease agreement. Holmes is being charged with 12 counts... Continue Reading »

Occupy D.C. Protesters Fail to Block Eviction

Even a gang of Occupy protesters in Washington, D.C., couldn't stop the eviction of a woman from a Capitol Hill home. Several dozen demonstrators rallied around the front door of the foreclosed home where Dawn Butler had been living for a year, using a barrier of plastic milk crates to block local police and U.S.... Continue Reading »

Senior Risks Eviction Over American Flag Display

A senior housing complex is threatening to evict a New Jersey woman, saying she broke her lease agreement by hanging three small American flags from her balcony.Dawn Paulus, 75, reportedly received notice that she had to have removed the flags, which are clipped to her balcony (shown at left), by early May or face... Continue Reading »

Oregon Vet Faces Eviction for Displaying U.S. Flag

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - Edward Zivica, a 70-year-old who served in the Navy in the 1960s, faces a hard choice come Veterans Day next week: He can obey the rules and remain in his apartment complex, or he can follow his tradition of hanging the American flag outside his place. The managers at his subsidized housing project... Continue Reading »

When Renters Get Snared in Foreclosure's Web

When homeowners fall into foreclosure, the consequences are dire. But when landlords run afoul of their lenders, it can be the tenants who suffer most. For New Yorker Ingrid Soto, her apartment building in the Bronx (pictured above) has been in and out of foreclosure since 2007, and it's pushed this mother to the... Continue Reading »

101-Year-Old Woman Evicted in Foreclosure

DETROIT -- A 101-year-old woman was evicted from the southwest Detroit home where she lived for nearly six decades, after her 65-year-old son failed to pay the mortgage. Texana Hollis was evicted Monday and her belongings were placed outside the home. Her son, Warren Hollis, said that he didn't pay the bill for several... Continue Reading »

Jimmy McMillan on Eviction: 'My Rent Is Too Damn Low'

NEW YORK -- A candidate who ran for New York governor because "the rent is too damn high" says he's being evicted from his rent-controlled Manhattan apartment because his landlord wants to charge a new tenant more. Jimmy McMillan tells the New York Post he pays $872 for the rent-controlled East Village apartment. He says... Continue Reading »

Single Dad Faces Eviction Due to Refinancing Snafu

What happens when you refinance your mortgage, but the mortgage broker doesn't pay off the first loan? Just ask Keon Williams of Milwaukee. Williams came home one day to find the locks on his home changed. Now he and his attorney are fighting to keep Harris Bank -- which acquired the one-story bungalow at a sheriff's sale... Continue Reading »

R.I. Foreclosure Eviction Violates Tenants' Rights

When is a foreclosure eviction not an eviction? Easy answer: When the person you're trying to evict doesn't live there. Angela Martinez of Providence, R.I., was helping her 20-year-old autistic son get ready to leave the home one April morning when there was a knock at the door. Movers barged in with packing boxes and... Continue Reading »

Foreclosure Attorney Fights Fla. Evictions

Attorney Tom Ice of Ice Legal, is going after anyone he can who is fueling the foreclosure crisis -- the robo-signers, banks, fellow attorneys. Wherever he finds a loophole, and there are plenty, he's working on closing them. It's a tough job, he says, one that keeps him working long hours, but saving however many... Continue Reading »

Foreclosure Vigilantes Arrested

A California attorney who has been helping several evicted homeowners unlawfully regain entry into their foreclosed homes this month was arrested last week along with a Newport Beach man he helped break into his former home. Meanwhile, another family he helped do the same last week was ordered back out, and a third... Continue Reading »

Evicted Family Breaks Into Foreclosed Home

Just as new owners were about to move in, the previous owners of a foreclosed house in Simi Valley, Calif. reoccupied it with locksmith, attorney and camera crew in tow. Investors who had purchased the home at a lender's trustee sale had been hoping to have its new owners in it this week. But Jim and Danielle Earl and... Continue Reading »

Lease-to-Own Lure: Alleged Real Estate Scam Preyed on Absentee Owners

Riding up to homes for sale on her bicycle, Pamela Winegardner allegedly would chat with listing agents about her new business ventures, her career as a six-figure human resources consultant, her dying grandmother, her boyfriend's injured daughter, and her need to move quickly out of her current rental because the owners... Continue Reading »

A Renter's Foreclosure Nightmare

Homeowners aren't the only victims of the mortgage crisis - many upstanding renters are getting caught up in foreclosure dramas, too. But without a clear idea of renters' rights, this group is getting bullied by panicked landlords and less-than-scrupulous lenders. One Tampa renter, wrongly evicted after his landlord's... Continue Reading »

Black Women Locked Out

Emerging research from Milwaukee shows that eviction may be to black women what incarceration is to black men. Currently, about 10 percent of black men in America are behind bars. What's happening to the wives, girlfriends, mothers, and sisters back home? They're being evicted from their apartments. One in 20 households... Continue Reading »

Foreclosure Mistake Causes

A woman comes home to find her condo completely emptied of all her possessions: wedding dress, baby pictures, furniture - everything, mysteriously gone. Unfortunately, it's not the plot of a TV crime show - it's the reality for one distraught Las Vegas homeowner. In a story sure to give nightmares to owner and renters... Continue Reading »

Celebrity Diner May be Forced to Close

Patrick's Roadhouse, a landmark dumpy diner in Santa Monica known for its celebrity clientele, may be closing its doors. The diner, which has been around since the 1970s, features uninspired food, a chronic parking shortage, and a wait staff that makes you beg for a refill. What it does have, however, is a star-studded... Continue Reading »

Beware Sketchy Landlords

According to Forbes, now is a pretty great time to rent. The housing crisis means that tenants can haggle with landlords for lower rent and in May the federal government passed a law allowing tenants of foreclosed homes to stay put for the remainder of their lease. So you don't have to be worried about ending up on the... Continue Reading »

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