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New Credit Score Will Tell Lenders More About You

Mortgage lenders will soon have access to new details about a prospective borrower's past -- such as past rental applications, inquiries to pay-day lenders, and missed child support payments -- that will be factored in to a new credit score. Real estate and mortgage data aggregator CoreLogic says it's signed an... Continue Reading »

Late Rent to Ding Credit Score As of 2012

Renting has long had some advantages over buying a home. One of the biggest may be that late rent payments don't ding your credit score like late mortgage payments do. But in 2012, that will change, as Lynnette Khalfani-Cox reports at our sister site, WalletPop.com. For years, renters who got behind on their housing... Continue Reading »

Maintaining a Stable Credit Score

These days maintaining a stable credit score is more important than ever. So you try to do everything right. You pay off credit card debt, avoid new loans, close unused credit card accounts, and make sure that you pay all your bills on time. Then you check your credit score, only to find that it fluctuates by as much as... Continue Reading »

Credit Score: Why It's Constantly Changing

Successfully obtaining a mortgage requires meeting certain numbers. There's the amount of the down payment that you must have in your bank account. The amount of annual earnings you must show to prove you can manage the mortgage. And then there is your credit score. Right now, that credit score needs to be in the mid... Continue Reading »

Credit Scores Sink 1/3 of Possible Homebuyers

Even though home prices and interest rates have come down dramatically, many Americans aren't able to qualify for mortgages because they have low credit scores, a new survey reveals. According to a recent study, nearly 30 percent of all Americans searching for home loans are effectively locked out of the conventional... Continue Reading »

Are You Likely to Walk Away From Your Mortgage?

Do borrowers who decide to walk away from their mortgages by choice share certain characteristics? The answer appears to be yes. A leading credit bureau partnered with a management consulting firm to figure out who is strategically defaulting and how lenders can get a better handle on risky borrowers. Experian and Oliver... Continue Reading »

Tips for Homeowners Turned Accidental Landlords

Umesh Singh's suburban Minneapolis home sat on the market for nearly two years after he had moved on to a new job in Florida. After dropping the price of his 5-bedroom, 4-bath home from $429,000 in December 2007 to $385,000 by summer 2009, Singh, who carries two mortgages, decided enough was enough. It was time, he... Continue Reading »

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