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Criminal Charges Sought Against Landlord for Lack of Smoke Alarms

KWTV News 9 Criminal charges are being sought against a landlord in Oklahoma after three young girls were hospitalized with burns in a fire at one of his rental homes, which authorities say lacked a working smoke alarm. Agent Judah Sheppard with the Oklahoma Fire Marshal's office told an Oklahoma City TV station this... Continue Reading »

5-Year-Old Boy Saves Family From House Fire in Beacon, N.Y.

A family in Beacon, N.Y., is lucky to be alive after a fire consuming their kitchen (pictured below after the blaze) threatened to consume their home in flames as they slept. The hero who saved them? Their 5-year-old boy. Matthew Hansen (pictured above) woke around 4 a.m. the day before Thanksgiving, his eyes burning... Continue Reading »

Fire Sprinklers: Are They Worth a Life?

A fire at a home in rural Pennsylvania killed seven children Tuesday night, a day after state representatives voted to repeal a law that went into effect January 1 requiring fire sprinklers in all new one- and two-family homes. Although the fire that claimed the lives of a seven-month-old through an 11-year-old was in an... Continue Reading »

Home Security for the Holidays

The bags are packed. The kids are strapped safely in their car seats. The house is locked up tight--or is it? If you're rushing to get out for the holidays, you may be overlooking one important step: home security. The holiday season is also prime time for break-ins. And it's not just burglars you need to protect against.... Continue Reading »

Fire Prevention Tips Keep Renters Safe

Every 20 seconds in the U.S., a fire department responds to a fire in the U.S., according to statistics from the National Fire Protection Association. But many of us rarely -- or maybe never -- think about preparing for a fire, or what we could do to prevent one. For renters, the added risks are assuming the landlord has... Continue Reading »

Apartment Fire Safety Tips

After a Friday night out on the town, Cheryl was looking forward to coming home to her nice cozy apartment. But she was in for a huge shock. As Cheryl drove up her street she saw a large blaze, and in front of her apartment complex, fire engines. Along with many other residents, Cheryl lost her home. And it turns out that... Continue Reading »

Apartment Guru: Obsessive Safety Concerns

Dear Apartment Guru, A friend of mine died several years ago from carbon monoxide poisoning in a home equipped with a faulty detector. When I was little, two of my cousins were in a terrifying house fire that started because of faulty electrical wiring -- one cousin was badly burned. I know that these things have helped... Continue Reading »

Candle Safety: Don't Get Burned

It's estimated that yearly retail sales of candles is a $2-billion business in the U.S. and that seven out of 10 households here use the sweet-smelling mood-makers. So chances are, dear reader, that you are a candle-user. Whether using candles for home décor, relaxation or aromatherapy, the question is: Are you... Continue Reading »

Don't Feel the Burn

Forget about location, location, location. A recent fire at an apartment complex in Houston highlights the importance of often overlooked safety features that should top any apartment hunter's checklist. No one was injured in this incident, but it's worth noting that nearly 4,000 people were injured in more than 95,000... Continue Reading »

Turkey Fryer 411 to Prevent 911

With the nation's thoughts turning to turkey in anticipation of next week's feast, it's time to also start considering... fire safety. You thought I was going to say "stuffing," didn't you? Hey, don't blame me for being a downer: I'm not the one who invented the deep-fat turkey fryer. Americans of all types - including... Continue Reading »

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