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Former NFL Star Rod Kush's Huge Mansion to Be Burned Down in Firefighter Training

In its heyday, this seemingly luxurious estate in Gretna, Neb., was described as the "finest mansion in all of Sarpy County." But soon it will be burned to the ground, set on fire room-by-room as part of firefighter training for the Gretna Volunteer Fire Department, the Omaha World-Herald reported. The... Continue Reading »

Foolish Mistakes That Destroyed Their Homes

There's a reason parents tell their children: "Don't play with fire." So why have so many of us not gotten the point by the time we're adults? Allow us to give you the news flash: Fire is dangerous -- and if you're using it around your house, it is even more so. A man in California recently tried to remove some cobwebs... Continue Reading »

Robert De Niro's NYC Apartment Scorched in Blaze

Robert De Niro's usually making headlines for his Oscar-winning performances or his culinary prowess, but this week, he's at the center of some fiery news -- literally. De Niro's fifth-floor New York City apartment caught on fire Friday afternoon -- a blaze which also damaged several floors of the prestigious Brentmore... Continue Reading »

Ricki Lake's Rental Home Burns to the Ground

How much will it cost to replace my belongings lost in a fire? That's what might have crossed Ricki Lake's mind right after "Thank God, we're alive." The Malibu rental home of the actress and former talk show host burned to a crisp this weekend after she was attempting to refuel a portable heater and accidentally set the... Continue Reading »

Renters Insurance: Why You Need It

When Stephen Slaybaugh returned to his two-bedroom apartment in Columbus, Ohio one evening after work, something was not right. "At first I thought my girlfriend had just left a bunch of things strewn about," he says. "Then as I walked through the apartment, there was stuff she obviously wouldn't have left out. Then I... Continue Reading »

Renters Insurance: Should You Buy It?

Feeling like there's more month than your paycheck covers? You might need to consider some frugal lifestyle changes. But should you ax your renters insurance policy? Are the savings of $20-$40 a month worth it? Anyone who has suffered losses from fire, flood or theft in their apartment will say "no way" to dropping it.... Continue Reading »

Don't Feel the Burn

Forget about location, location, location. A recent fire at an apartment complex in Houston highlights the importance of often overlooked safety features that should top any apartment hunter's checklist. No one was injured in this incident, but it's worth noting that nearly 4,000 people were injured in more than 95,000... Continue Reading »

True Tale of Renter's Insurance Horror!

Not certain you can afford renter's insurance? Think again. I spoke with my friend Delilha (not her real name) about what happened to her when her apartment building caught fire a few years ago. Renter's insurance is a small price to pay for peace of mind. When you hear her horrors, I'm sure you'll agree! Continue Reading »

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