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John Boehner Buys Florida Getaway for $835,000

Zillow By Erika Riggs Retirement rumors already swirling around Speaker of the House John Boehner intensified with the news that the Republican recently spent $835,000 on a condo in Marco Island, according to property records and first reported by Breitbart News. However his spokesman's statement made it clear that... Continue Reading »

Homes for Sale in Sun-Kissed Climes

Zillow By Catherine Sherman Dreaming of Spring Break already? You're not alone. The unusually cold weather in many parts of the country makes a sun-laden home that much more enticing. From pools and putting greens to cabanas and sandy beaches, here are luxurious homes prepped for soaking in the sun. They range from a... Continue Reading »

5-Acre Estates for Sale Across the Price Range

Zillow By Catherine Sherman How much money would it cost to buy a house on 5 acres? As with most answers in real estate, it depends. Whether you get three bedrooms or four, two bathrooms or 2.5, it's usually not about the square footage of the house, but where it's located. To get a feel for regional price differences,... Continue Reading »

For Sale: 5 Glass Houses With Clear Appeal

Zillow By Catherine Sherman No need to hang wallpaper or a landscape painting -- walls of windows let nature do the decorating in these homes. To see why homeowners are ditching drywall for glass, check out these stunning modern gems currently on the market. COLORADO 300 Eagle Pines Drive, Aspen For sale: $15.75... Continue Reading »

Swimming Pool Pops Above Ground, Leaving Florida Family High and Dry

A Florida family came home one night this week and were startled to see that their in-ground pool had popped up out of the soil. Now it turns out that that when it comes to covering the thousands to repair it, the insurance payment may be only a drop in the bucket. "We had this disastrous scene in the backyard,"... Continue Reading »

New Flood Insurance Rates Stir Storm of Anxiety in Gulf

Tamara Lush/The Associated Press By Tamara Lush TREASURE ISLAND, Fla. -- When Colin and Joyce Elston bought their Florida dream home in May, they were confident that they could afford the three-bedroom, two-bathroom ranch with a pool and a backyard overlooking the Intracoastal Waterway. Now they are not so sure. The... Continue Reading »

Florida Retirement Community Open Only to Letter Carriers

Imagine a Florida retirement for $395 to $520 a month, with amenities including a newly renovated swimming pool, tennis courts, a baseball field, and a lake for boating. There are only two catches: No pets are allowed. And you have to be a retired letter carrier to live there. The place's name is Nalcrest, an acronym for... Continue Reading »

Al Capone's Palm Island Home Sold for $7.43 Million (House of the Day)

By Sean McCaughan Apparently Al Capone's Palm Island abode has sold, after being on the market for almost a year (just like Billy Joel's and Rosie O'Donnell's places, both of which recently sold as well) for $7.43 million according to realtrix team, The Jills. The house in the Miami Beach neighborhood, from which Capone... Continue Reading »

A Dreamy $4.75 Million South Beach Condo (House of the Day)

Real estate is depressing in a number of ways. One, homes can be depressingly bad, ugly or cramped. (Please refer to our post on the worst listings in America). Two, they can be depressingly, heartbreakingly, unattainably, "I-could-never-afford-this-home" luxurious. And by that, we mean this home in particular. Priced... Continue Reading »

Sex Offenders' Homes Get Warning Signs in Bradford County, Fla.

You might not look twice at the house at 939 Oak St. in Starke, Fla., if it weren't for the large red sign in front of the home (pictured above) that declares: "John Goodman is a convicted Sexual Predator and lives at this location." The sign is one of 18 that the Bradford County Sheriff's Office erected outside the... Continue Reading »

For Survivors: Cold War-Era Bomb Shelter in Florida for $499,500

We've told you that the survival real estate market is still very much alive despite numerous failed predictions of apocalypse in the past few years. But if you need more proof, here you go. For just under half a million bucks, you can snap up a bomb shelter in St. Lucie County, Fla., that's designed to keep people alive... Continue Reading »

What Florida Shows Us About the Real Estate Market

By Jeff Brown Sick of the cold? Maybe you should buy a place in Florida, where temperatures are warm and the housing market is heating up. The cold snap gripping much of the country is surely prodding many to dream of owning a second home someplace warm, or of moving there for good. Data show that Florida's housing... Continue Reading »

Foreign Investors Buy Florida Homes Sight Unseen

You'd never dream of buying a home without seeing it (in person) first, right? Well, there are other buyers who move much more quickly -- so fast, in fact, that they sign on the dotted line before they've even toured the house. Foreign investors are so anxious to snag real estate deals in the U.S. -- before the housing... Continue Reading »

At Foreclosure Epicenter, Apathy Toward Both Political Parties

LEHIGH ACRES, Fla. -- At Our Daily Bread Food Pantry, the conversation often centers on real estate. Once taboo details -- home values and what people paid for their properties -- are casually discussed, and there appears to be little shame in walking away from a mortgage or fighting the bank on a foreclosure. With... Continue Reading »

Matt Drudge Pays Cash for $1.45 Million Florida House

Matt Drudge, who runs the conservative news website The Drudge Report, just plopped down $1.45 million in cash to buy a second home in South Florida. The Miami Herald reports that his new home is a 6,400-square-foot ranch that's fit for a recluse -- which the 45-year-old Drudge is known to be. Uber-private, the home in... Continue Reading »

Burt Reynolds Slapped with Foreclosure Suit in Florida

Add "Smokey and the Bandit" star Burt Reynolds to the ever-growing list of Americans chugging down the foreclosure highway. Reynolds owes about $1.2 million on his Hobe Sound, Fla., home and hasn't made a mortgage payment in almost a year, reports the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. The 12,538-square-foot house is listed for... Continue Reading »

'Project Runway' Winner Hawks Miami Beach Condos

Recognize this Project Runway designer? If you do, maybe you want to live where she lives. Every now and then, a new condominium complex needs a marketing boost around the time it first opens its doors. What better way to draw attention than by saying a celebrity (or semi-celebrity) moved in? Sometimes these moves are... Continue Reading »

Real Estate Agent Loses License for Not Presenting Offer

Ever wonder why if that property is such a great buy how come your real estate agent didn't just snatch it up? Well, sometimes agents do buy properties for various reasons, and they are looking for a deal just like everyone else. But when it comes to undercutting their own clients there can be repercussions. Just ask... Continue Reading »

Foreclosure Foul-Up Wins Man a Free Home

Amid all the foreclosure horror stories, every now and then we hear about a good outcome, whether it's by winning a lawsuit through a homestead loophole, because the lender didn't properly serve the owners, or because it doesn't really own the mortgage. Or in the case of one underwater Florida homeowner once facing... Continue Reading »

Lil Wayne Lists Miami Mansion for $12.9M

Rapper Lil Wayne wants to, or maybe just needs to, unload his Miami mansion on La Gorce Island, Fla., that he purchased early last year for $14 million. He is asking $12.9 million for a possible quick sale given he has an Internal Revenue Service tax lien hanging over his head. The IRS says the rapper, whose real name is... Continue Reading »

Foreclosed Home Squatters Chased Out by SWAT Team

The Naples, Fla., police department doesn't fool around when it comes to ridding a foreclosed home of illegal squatters. A SWAT team, called to a foreclosed home last month due to a so-called disturbance, gassed the place in an effort to force out a possible squatter who allegedly was hiding in the attic. In the end, three... Continue Reading »

Elizabeth Taylor Miami Beach Getaway for Sale

Elizabeth Taylor did everything with style, including lounging by the pool. Pictured here at 17 in 1949 with her then-fiancé William D. Pawley Jr., 28, at his father's home in Miami Beach, Taylor left an impression with her frequent visits to the house (though she never married Pawley). Now the Miami Beach house is... Continue Reading »

Foreclosure Mill Kings Fight Back, Sue Banks

Two former foreclosure mills that served Freddie Mac, Chase Home Loans, U.S. Bancorp and other lenders are retaliating against the outfits that hired them to push hundreds of thousands of Florida foreclosure cases through the court system at robotic speed. Attorney David Stern, pictured, who has been dubbed the... Continue Reading »

Florida Real Estate Hijacking Victim Wins Back Home

Finders keepers, losers weepers: That may as well be the name of a Florida law on "adverse possession" that says anyone can move into an abandoned Florida home without the owner's permission and eventually obtain the title. That is, provided seven years has passed since the squatters barged their way in, and that they paid... Continue Reading »

Tiger Woods' Ex Buys Palm Beach Estate Nearby

Tiger Woods' ex-wife, Elin Nordegren, recently purchased a 17,178-square-foot home in North Palm Beach, Fla., about 10 minutes from Woods' house on Jupiter Island, as reported on Huffington Post. Not too unlike Charlie Sheen, who wants his exes Denise Richards and Brooke Mueller living near him so that he can live near... Continue Reading »

New Foreclosure Scam Could Cost You Your Home

What happens when scammers stop forging credit cards and start faking property deeds? Welcome to Real World: Florida, foreclosure fraud edition. In the battered housing market of Palm Beach, Fla., scammers have found a way to falsify "quitclaim" deeds on distressed properties and claim them as their own. And with... Continue Reading »

Affordable Rentals -- in a Mansion?

Affordable rentals are becoming harder to come by as people decide against buying a home in the current distressed market. Well, here's an option you may not have thought of: Rent a room in a mansion. Alyssa Abkowitz of SmartMoney reports on this emerging trend that has average renters curling up in the lap of... Continue Reading »

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Cashes In Florida Home

The Rock is rocking and rolling in the troubled Florida real estate market. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, the former University of Miami football player turned Hollywood action hero, motivational coach, and funnyman in movies, can add real estate investor to his varied resume. Johnson sold his home in Davie, Fla., for $1.18... Continue Reading »

New Condo Offering Plan Service Not So Innovative

An online library containing more than 2,000 condo offering plans and amendments for condos and co-ops in New York City opened for business in fall 2010. Although a New York Times article touted the free service, run by New York-based TitleVest Agency, Inc., as innovative, it turns out the same information can be found... Continue Reading »

Shady Foreclosure Rescuer Shot Dead

A Florida man who allegedly delved into shady foreclosure rescues met his demise in an array of bullets. Hydra Lacy, a 6-foot 4-inch, 270-pound registered sexual offender who had engaged in some questionable real estate investing, was holed up in his estranged wife's home in a gun battle that left two police officers... Continue Reading »


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