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Florida Foreclosure Aid Plans Falter

The Florida Supreme Court continues to devise programs in an effort to help homeowners in foreclosure, or so it would seem. The Residential Mortgage Foreclosure Mediation Program initiative was announced in 2009 and a Florida Supreme Court Task Force was assigned to implement the program. The 52-page report by the Task... Continue Reading »

Foreclosed Homeowners Live Free for a Year in Some States

With the average foreclosure now taking 438 days, delinquent borrowers are finding that they can live in their homes without making mortgage payments for at least a year. But there is a catch. That nationwide average may not apply in your state. The states with the longest wait time before foreclosure are those states... Continue Reading »

Will F2F Save You From Foreclosure?

Abandoned homes are still a lingering problem for many states as foreclosed homeowners continue to be pushed out in record numbers. When they go, they leave in their wake unkempt yards, dilapidated homes and squatters, all causing unnecessary blight on formerly tidy neighborhoods. Yet, when these struggling homeowners... Continue Reading »

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