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How to Decorate 'Green': 'Restore. Recycle. Repurpose.'

Growing up on a farm in Iowa, Randy Florke learned frugality. Everything that could be reused was, and most everything fit into that category. "Recycle" and "green" were not part of the vernacular, but the lessons learned in Iowa traveled East with Florke as he developed a business restoring and decorating farmhouses in... Continue Reading »

Renters Insurance: Should You Buy It?

Feeling like there's more month than your paycheck covers? You might need to consider some frugal lifestyle changes. But should you ax your renters insurance policy? Are the savings of $20-$40 a month worth it? Anyone who has suffered losses from fire, flood or theft in their apartment will say "no way" to dropping it.... Continue Reading »

Laundry Detergent: DIY and Save Money

Whether you share a common laundry room or are lucky enough to have laundry facilities in your rental, everyone faces a similar challenge: How to save on the suds. (And no, not just the drinking kind.) Depending on the amount and the frequency with which you do the laundry, a year's worth of detergent can cost you $75 or... Continue Reading »

Interior Design Lessons From the Frugal House

In today's economy, saving a buck has never been more wise or more socially-accepted. A group of interior design students in California are now hoping this frugal trend will also help them raise money for charity. The second annual "Frugal House" in Chico was on display over the weekend. Chico State and Butte College... Continue Reading »

Air Mattress for Rent

An ambulance rushes down the street. You're inside, texting "WTF" in shocked disbelief. Impossible? Not if renting your extra air mattress to a perfect stranger goes awry. The New York Times reports on websites that connect budget-sensitive travelers with locals willing to share their space for a short duration. The site... Continue Reading »

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