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Selling a 'Slightly Haunted' House

Zillow By Erika Riggs Greg Leeson didn't want to call his house haunted, so in his listing, he went for a nonchalant tone: "Slightly haunted. Nothing serious, though," he wrote. "When I was writing it, I had been thinking about it, and I went back and forth," Leeson explained. "The way I worded it -- I was trying to... Continue Reading »

Full Disclosure Laws: Janet Milliken Sues Seller, Realtor Over Home's Notorious Past

By Susanna Kim Stigmatized homes are tricky. It can be hard to sell a home where a murder has taken place (as the owner of Jeffrey Dahmer's childhood home can attest). These homes often sell at deep discounts because of their grim histories, but sometimes that works out for investors. In any case, some states have... Continue Reading »

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