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Reclaim NYC Turns Hurricane Sandy Wreckage Into Furniture for a Good Cause

A group of New York City designers have come together to turn wreckage from Hurricane Sandy into beautiful housewares that will be auctioned off to benefit storm victims. Reclaim NYC, a group started by design/architecture writer Jennifer Krichels and some of her colleagues and friends, called on local designers and... Continue Reading »

Moving and Storage: Packing Your Home for Moving Day

When Keats Myer made the decision to move her family from Maplewood, N.J., to an old farmhouse in New Hampshire, she gave herself plenty of time to pack. "I knew we were moving eight or nine months before the actual move," she says. "So I looked around and thought, how can I disassemble this house and make the least... Continue Reading »

Ace of Space: Decorate Without a TV

Have you noticed that most living rooms are oriented around the television? Imagine how different the design of your home could be without the TV as your main focus. For instance, I gave my television away a few years ago and it changed my view of design and how I entertain guests. I didn't realize how much we oriented... Continue Reading »

New Affordable Home Designs

Finding affordably-priced designed goods at this year's annual International Contemporary Furniture Fair in New York City was not as hard as you might expect. The secret is to look beyond the big names to some of the smaller brands or individual designers who are just starting out. Here are a rundown of some interesting,... Continue Reading »

Good Green Design at ICFF

We missed Milan this year (the city and the annual design world jamboree that convenes there) so as compensation we stopped by the more accessible Javits center in New York for the other big event of the year: the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF), a kind of Milan after-party with bad food and a... Continue Reading »

Design by Avatar: Redecorate or Sell Your Home in 3-D

Until recently homeowners had two choices if they wanted to visualize changes to their home in 3-D: make use of their imagination or hire the services of a professional. But now there exists a wide range of web-based and mobile tools to help visualize your home in three dimensions. Don't make the mistake to think this is... Continue Reading »

Multifunctional Furniture With Double Value

Usually a two-for-one deal means two identical items for the price of one. But this phrase takes on a whole new meaning as out-of-this-world home creations aim to serve more than one function: like a magazine rack that doubles as a drink holder (left), or a stylish stool that can be flipped and used as a trashcan.... Continue Reading »

Bargain Huntress: Exclusive Discount on Eco-Modular Furniture From Way Basics!

Building blocks aren't just math and science toys anymore. Thanks to Way Basics, an Irvine, Calif.-based producer of eco-modular storage and home furnishings, they've become furniture for adults, too. The team at Way Basics uses 99-percent post-consumer recycled paper and turns it into durable zBoard cubes, which then... Continue Reading »

A Skateboard's Turn as Furniture

The "Lords of Dogtown" and their disciples must be smiling. The newest skateboard trend: reuse and upcycling of discarded skateboards into rad furniture. Non-skaters and eco-conscious consumers will appreciate the design, too. Here are a few ways to put your goofy-foot forward and incorporate salvaged skateboards into... Continue Reading »

Bargain Huntress: 4 Places to Shop Your Tax Refund

Phew. Tax Day madness is behind us, and now that you've appeased the IRS let's direct your attention to how you're going to spend your whale of a refund. Sure, you can be a responsible adult and pay off your credit card debt or your next month's rent in advance, but that is so stereotypical! (And heartbreaking too.) You... Continue Reading »

The Fun is Back in Furniture!

The design world is in Milan for the annual iSalone jamboree, the big Italian fair where designers show off the latest trends -- the stuff they want stores to sell us this year. It's the time when the design-savvy learn whether home furnishing goes "back to Baroque" or if the "impersonal industrial" will rule what we buy.... Continue Reading »

When the Floor Becomes Your Furniture

You'll be floored when you hear that your next office, dining room, and sofa might literally roll up into the same piece of carpet. That is, if the clever, space-saving Japanese design by student Shin Yamashita can be marketed to the American masses.... The prototype carpet, called "Land Peel" works like this. The... Continue Reading »

Pick Your Next Sofa in Five Easy Steps

Beware: Your next sofa may outlast your next relationship... It's true. A sofa is the biggest and most frequently used item in your apartment. If unwisely selected, your sofa can ruin everything from the general enjoyment of your apartment to even wrecking your reputation. (Your choice of beds is also a major concern,... Continue Reading »

Bargain Huntress: Huge Savings at Big Pagoda, SFERRA, Amenity Home and Property!

Despite having lived in Indianapolis for eight years, The Bargain Huntress is not a college basketball fan, but she does get into a little March Madness--sale madness, that is. Here are The Bargain Huntress' "final four" picks for the biggest sales of the season: A closing shop is a sad thing to see, but with store... Continue Reading »

Inflatable Furniture: Not Just a Bunch of Hot Air

Apartment hopping? Subletting? Are you a (housing) commitment-phobe? Do you love irony? Want to avoid this? Inflatable furniture may be for you. Dutch designer Jeroen van de Kant has turned the traditional Chesterfield couch on its button-tufted ear with aptly-titled "Blofield," an inflatable version. And unlike blow-up... Continue Reading »

Bargain Huntress: Exclusive Discount on Furniture from Modlife

Would you like to own a piece of history, and then, be grouped in the same category as Marilyn Monroe, Andy Warhol, Brad Pitt and Giorgio Armani? You can, and now--at a discount. All you need are good taste; an appreciation for modern furniture designed by Vladimir Kagan, a call in to the Chicago furniture shop, Modlife;... Continue Reading »

Your Next Interior Designer: Your iPhone

Appealing to a generation who built imaginary homes on The Sims instead of playing with dollhouses and are now obsessed with documenting life's moments with a 3.0 megapixel cell phone camera, MyDeco has released an iPhone app that augments the reality of one's living space with fancy digital furniture. "Furnish Your... Continue Reading »

A Powerful Bookshelf

Winter blahs got you down? Always complaining there's never anything worth watching on television? Why not treat yourself to a collection of books on some of the world's most interesting battles for power, presented in an eye-pleasing symmetrical bookshelf by San Francisco design team Mike & Maaike. Continue Reading »

Tips to Give Furniture a Second Life

When friends Lauren Zimmerman and Nick Siemaska first met, one can imagine their conversation was peppered with words like, "good bones" and "rehab." If you guessed aspiring medical students, you'd be wrong. No, the Boston twenty-somethings are a couple of furniture restoration buffs. They discovered a mutual love of... Continue Reading »

An Interior Design Showdown

Nothing like a very public design contest to get those competitive juices flowing. For the second year, Bloomingdale's sponsored The Big Window Challenge, a face-off between leaders in the design world whose "dream-dwellings" are displayed in the retailer's flagship storefront windows. The contest highlights the range of... Continue Reading »

On Sale Now: Floor-Model Furniture

Planning on hibernating this winter to save cash? Well, if you need a new sofa for your hibernation, NOW is the time. No joke. This month is the best time to score great deals on home furnishings. Look at it as an investment in your relaxation. Stores are clearing out their old models to make way for fresh, spring-y... Continue Reading »

Rental Rip-off

Why buy when you can rent? Furniture and appliances, that is. Rental companies use that ploy - and enticingly cheap rates - to sucker consumers into leasing everything from sofas and bedroom sets to washers, refrigerators and televisions. Their usual prey: lower-income people who don't have ready cash (credit is easy,... Continue Reading »

Potato-Sack Chic

Fabric trends come and go, from last year's boldly colored zebra stripes to perennial favorite Marimekko. And now, born from the recession, comes the latest must-have upholstery material: burlap. Yes, the fabric of potato sacks and coffee bags has suddenly become de rigueur on such items as French reproduction chairs and... Continue Reading »

Is Shabby Chic Back?

Remember "shabby chic"? Yesterday, The New York Times wrote about Rachel Ashwell, the L.A. designer whose "Shabby Chic" brand went bankrupt a year ago and has been revived thanks to a new flock of investors. Shabby Chic, like comfort food and knitting, seems to be the type of down-home coziness people are looking for... Continue Reading »

Another Ikea Workaround

In addition to creative workarounds to pesky rental-property problems, the McGyver Files also has an appreciation for crafty home ideas and clever upcycling projects. Take, for example, this fabulous (and free!) bookcase-turned-bench spotted over at IkeaHacker. Continue Reading »

Need Something for Your Apartment? Get Repurposeful!

Need a coffee table, desk, mirror or wall art? Take a look around your apartment and see what you can reinvent. This year at the New York International Gift Fair, repurposed goods were everywhere. With more and more people jumping on the recycling bandwagon, and the recession making showy interiors passé, the... Continue Reading »

Buy New or Renew?

Finally! A "cash for clunkers" program for that ugly sofa. The New York Times reports on a trend of buying new furniture at discount by trading in those unloved pieces in exchange for a donating the old furniture to a worthy charity. The Times quotes Jim Lucas, the director of shopper marketing at the advertising firm... Continue Reading »

Covet/Get It: Steel-and-Leather Chair

Oh how I've love, love, LOVED the slouchy, buttery-leather of Design Within Reach's Paulistano Armchair. Originally designed in 1957 by Brazilian architect Paulo Mendes da Rocha for the living room of the Athletic Club of São Paulo, the simple, cantileevered design is timeless. It's constructed from one single piece... Continue Reading »

How are you going to squeeze 17 people into your tiny apartment for Rosh Hashanah dinner tonight? Especially the leader of the free world? I mean after his warm wishes to Jews this morning, maybe you should make room for the first family, too. Convinced now? We may have the solution to your space-crunch. Continue Reading »

BluDot Side Table on Sale at Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters is one of the best online resources for hip, affordable furniture. I mean, where else can you get a decent sofa for $325? The site features more home product than their stores with prices that come close to Ikea's. You could furnish a whole living room for about $1,000 (including this cool BluDot side... Continue Reading »


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