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Gay Assisted Living Facility Seen as Filling a Growing Need

Ann Heisenfelt/The Associated Press By Patrick Condon MINNEAPOLIS -- Lucretia Kirby was on her own for the first time in years after her partner's death. She felt stranded in a church-affiliated assisted living facility, where she said bigotry and even physical threats were ignored by building managers. Russ Lovaasen was... Continue Reading »

1st Gay-Friendly Public Housing to Rise in Philadelphia

In what's being hailed as a first of its kind, a gay-friendly affordable-housing development financed entirely with public money is scheduled to rise in Philadelphia. Last week, the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency awarded $11 million in tax credits to the Dr. Magnus Hirschfeld Fund. The credits, combined with $8... Continue Reading »

Housing Market Unprepared for Aging Gay Community

PHILADELPHIA - At age 62, Donald Carter (pictured above) knows his arthritis and other age-related infirmities will not allow him to live indefinitely in his third-floor walk-up apartment in Philadelphia. But as a low-income renter, Carter has limited options. And as a gay black man, he's concerned his choice of senior... Continue Reading »

Gay Housing Project Slated for Palm Springs

Matthias Hollwich has big plans to build an innovative gay housing development for seniors in Palm Springs, Calif., called BOOM. The 40-year-old New York architect is the ringleader of what FastCompany magazine's design blog is calling -- with some understatement -- "a wacky, $250m old folks' community for gays." As the... Continue Reading »

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