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Ohio Dentist John Learner's Gingerbread Houses Will Give You a Toothache

Dentist John Learner will most likely tell you to keep your sweet tooth under control -- but his is running wild. Gingerbread, Pop Tarts, fruit roll-ups, icing, candy canes, hundred of pieces of gum: These are a few of his favorite things. It's not that he's eating them, though. He's using the sweets to build some of... Continue Reading »

Best Gingerbread Houses Ever?

It's that time of year again, when soccer moms, competitive decorators, and children of all ages turn over-baked cookies into confectionery masterworks -- that's right: gingerbread houses. Using photos from two of's totally rad gingerbread house slideshows (one New York-centric, the other a nationwide... Continue Reading »

Tasty Modern Architecture for the Holidays

Never thought you could afford a cool, architect-designed modern house? Well, if you don't mind it sitting on your table, now you can.Vancouver design collective, Creative Room, challenged 11 architects and designers to reinvent the traditional holiday gingerbread house and the results are pretty great. The rules were... Continue Reading »

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