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Tech Protesters Get Personal, Target San Francisco Landlord

Jeff Chiu/The Associated PressHousing activists gather outside of City Hall in San Francisco on Jan. 21 to protest tech-worker shuttle buses. By Sarah McBride Demonstrations against the grip on San Francisco held by wealthy technology workers took a personal turn with protesters taking aim at a Google lawyer they say... Continue Reading »

Design of Google's Tel Aviv Office May Leave You Agog

We thought the AOL-Huffington Post Media Group offices were snazzy, but then we laid eyes on Google's new offices in Tel Aviv and found ourselves humbled. Dramatically. Our offices at 770 Broadway might have nap rooms, a gym and even an art gallery, but that pales in comparison to the floor-to-floor tunnel slides,... Continue Reading »

Google Blamed for Mortgage Fraud

Google has a policy of prohibiting deceptive advertising, such as those placed by mortgage fraudsters, however one group says the giant search engine company doesn't typically ban misleading ads from a questionable advertiser until after a company is sued by federal regulators. The nonprofit is calling for the company... Continue Reading »

What's Hot on AOL Real Estate This Week

The whole country might be under a cold snap, but we're still serving up red-hot real estate news! See what AOL Real Estate's readers were interested in this week: 1. Las Vegas Homes Bad Bet Until 2032 "Know when to hold 'em," indeed: All signs indicate that the Las Vegas housing market may not recover for decades. But at... Continue Reading »

Google Fined $1 for Trespassing

Google has to pay $1 in damages as a result of the driver of one of its Street View cars trespassing on the private property of a Pittsburgh-area couple by driving the vehicle equipped with panaromic cameras about the length of three football fields down a gravel driveway. The driver went past the "No Trespassing Private... Continue Reading »

Google Invests in Low-Income Housing

Google may know where you live, but if you're in the market for low-income housing, they also might hold the keys. The all-seeing search behemoth is revving up its philanthropic efforts to create an $86-million Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) fund. The fund will subsidize the construction and operation of 480... Continue Reading »

New York's Googling Doormen: It's Getting Creepy

Knock, knock. Who's there? The doorman. The doorman who? The doorman who's tweeting about this terrible joke. The exchange above is no laughing matter, and some tenants in New York City are finding their relationships with their doormen just as unfunny. That's because some of those men and women who faithfully open doors,... Continue Reading »

Google TV: Next Wave Home Theater?

Google can search billions of web pages in less than a half-second, calculate advanced mathematical problems and spy on your neighborhood via satellite. Now according to reports in The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, Google is partnering with Sony and Intel to develop an integrated software system that will... Continue Reading »

What's Hot on RentedSpaces This Week

The collective consciousness of the interwebs must be turning towards Spring, with RentedSpaces' popular posts featuring topics such as gardening, fruit, and biking. Read on to see what our readers thought was most newsworthy this week! The three most popular posts: 1. Future Farmers of the Mall Cleveland's Galleria Mall... Continue Reading »

New Google Shopping Tool Predicts Inventories

Just about every major retailer has an online store -- and most can show you whether a particular item is in stock at a local store. Still, wouldn't it be great if there was some dead-simple way to scan store shelves while you're out and about? Say, from your smartphone? Google thinks so, and they're working a new search... Continue Reading »

I Twitter, Therefore I'm Robbed

When it comes to the oversharing world of Twitter, maybe it's better to tweet in hindsight. That way a stalking ex-boyfriend doesn't show up at the restaurant you announced you have reservations at, or, a cat burglar doesn't do a clean sweep of your studio apartment while you're at the 7:20pm screening of Avatar. Alas,... Continue Reading »

Google: Real Estate's New Rainmaker?

Google's recent announcement that it will begin building and testing an experimental cutting-edge broadband network in select cities was the opening shot in the Internet speed race. Headlines have focused on telecom and cable companies running scared as the Mountain View, Calif. search giant wires up to 200,000 residences... Continue Reading »

Flaming Lips + Bath Tub + Google Streetview = Wha?

Sure, you've used the Google Maps Street View feature to scope out potential rental digs, and who among us hasn't zoomed in on a neighbor's house in hopes of catching a voyeuristic peek? But users poking around for street-level views of Oklahoma City's Gatewood Avenue get a bit of a surreal surprise: Wayne Coyne - avant... Continue Reading »

What I Learned At Real Estate Connect

Last week I was at Bradley Inman's Real Estate Connect NYC, a show and tell on news and technical innovations in the real estate industry. It's been an industry mainstay since 1996, when Inman, a former real estate journalist turned Internet entrepreneur, launched his online real estate news service with a story detailing... Continue Reading »

Apartments Live to Live-Work

Renting a work space downtown? Sooo yesterday. What's in, and growing, is the live-work trend. You might already be doing it: "Live-Work" means working in the same place as you live. More than 20 million work from home, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Renters ask, "Why pay the overhead when I can work from... Continue Reading »

Google Goes 3-D

Next time you're searching for an apartment you might be able to do it nekkid. That is, if you're using Google's new Building Maker - a free, browser-based application that is a cross between the maps of Google Earth and advanced 3-D visualization tools. Google's goal is to create a 3-D representation of every building,... Continue Reading »

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