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Green Home in Washington, D.C., is Really, Really Green (House of the Day)

Jay-Z once rapped lyrical about the perks of "all black everything" (from his clothes to his cars to his house), but we think this house got the wrong memo -- or color, rather. With its living room decked out from top to bottom in green (velvet, no less!), this $1.95 million Washington, D.C., home is like nothing we've... Continue Reading »

The Greener the House, the Quicker the Sale

Green living is more popular than ever, and playing up a home's green features can make all the difference when it comes to making a sale. To be competitive and to ensure you get the best price possible for your home, it makes sense to assess its sustainable, energy-saving features right along with traditional highlights... Continue Reading »

Big Green Home Bust

A well-appointed green home outfitted with energy-saving appliances and other eco-friendly features might save money on utility bills and ease your conscience, but it won't always help close a sale in a tough real estate market, a California homeowner has learned. The warning sign for the green residential market: A house... Continue Reading »

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint With Carbon Credits

Sarah Warren considers herself an "unlikely environmentalist": someone who a few years ago would only casually recycle her garbage but who now can tell you her home's carbon footprint. That happened after Warren, a psychologist in Evanston, Ill., realized how environmental degradation poses "a clear threat to the health... Continue Reading »

Los Angeles' Model Green Home: How Green Is Yours?

Typically in California, we retrofit houses for earthquake protection. Now a new business Residential Energy Assessment Services is retrofitting houses to make them more energy efficient and "green." Clever business model, especially in this market. To demonstrate what they can do for your house, the firm worked with... Continue Reading »

Top 10 Eco-Home Trends for 2010

Remember when ideas to conserve energy and save the environment seemed like the fastest growing trend in housing? Back before the recession when people still had money to spend on often expensive "green" improvements for their homes? Well you ain't seen nothing yet. Despite the recession, the market share for certified... Continue Reading »

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