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Homeowner Robert Phipps Says Neighbor's Solar Panels Are Blinding

There are plenty of environmental and budgetary benefits to installing solar panels on your roof, but there could be one health drawback: permanently blinding your neighbor. Robert Phipps, a homeowner in England, claims that the glare of the sun off of the solar panels on his neighbor's home is so bright that his entire... Continue Reading »

10 Cities With the Greenest Homes

With Earth Day fast approaching, real estate firm Redfin took a look at the 10 cities with the greenest homes. Redfin determined the rankings by number of homes for sale with green features in each market, as well as each city's carbon-dioxide emissions ranking. Green home features include solar panels, LEED certification... Continue Reading »

Shane and Carrie Caverly Make Big Plans From Tiny Home

We've heard a lot of hype about tiny homes, but what's it like to actually live in one? According to Shane and Carrie Caverly, who live in a tiny home in Santa Fe, N.M. -- as well as design and build them -- it's positively peachy. Though the couple lives in a truly elfin, 204-square-foot house-on-wheels -- the size of... Continue Reading »

Bike-Friendly Homes Rise in Demand as More Commuters Pedal to Work

In 21st century America, a 19th century invention -- the bicycle -- is figuring more and more in the calculations of apartment hunters and others looking for suitable digs. Bike commuting is on the rise in many cities, studies show, and as the number has grown, so has the need for bike-friendly housing. Many apartment... Continue Reading »

Solar Ready Roofs: California's New Homebuilding Standard

The California Energy Commission this week unanimously approved a new set of building guidelines that have some of the strongest energy efficiency standards in the nation. In addition to the more typical updated regulations regarding window insulation, lighting, and air-conditioning systems, the new guidelines will require... Continue Reading »

Earth Day 2012: Buying and Living Green

Feeling inspired by Earth Day? You could buy an energy-efficient green home -- or you could take steps to make sure the one you've got is as environmentally friendly as it can be. Not only will living more sustainably help the environment, but you could also be boosting your bottom line. Besides saving money on heating... Continue Reading »

Sexy New 'iPod of Thermostats' Is Geeky on the Inside

Up until October 2011, thermostats were probably the least thrilling, unsexiest things in the universe. Those little electronic boxes fixed on the walls of a quarter-billion U.S. homes and offices, controlling heat and cooling, ranked pretty low on the average person's "desired gadgets" list, in spite of their... Continue Reading »

Renters: Go Green This Earth Month

This Earth Month (April), it might be a good idea to think about a few things you can do to green your rented home. It's true, home owners might have more control in this department - They are the only ones responsible for what appliances they use, the types of water-heaters they buy and everything else from pipes to... Continue Reading »

Tiny Houses, Big Trend

Tiny houses are all the rage these days. Thanks to the housing boom and bust, what Americans previously associated with living well--i.e., living large--is, for many of us, no longer. The recession taught us the hard way that bigger homes don't necessarily mean better investments. So, driven by economic need and a desire... Continue Reading »

Home Improvement: The Truth About Going Green

When it comes to green home improvements, a lot of people are stuck in black-and-white thinking. Either you install solar panels or you might as well continue to gobble fossil fuel. Either you use sustainable materials or you destroy old-growth forests. The reality, of course, lies someplace in between. That's why it's... Continue Reading »

Going Green in the Kitchen

Annette Thomson of Washington, D.C., wants to green up her kitchen remodeling project. "I want to replace old vinyl flooring and add Energy Star appliances," she says. "Is there anything else I can do?" Thomson is on the right track. Going green in the kitchen means replacing vinyl with more sustainable materials and... Continue Reading »

Non-Smoking Apartment Buildings on the Rise

Apartment renters now have the option of living smoke-free in many cities. In Pasadena, the 480 newly constructed units at the Westgate Apartments are designated non-smoking. When the complex developed by the Sares-Regis Group is completed in early 2011, there will be no smoking allowed inside apartments or in its common... Continue Reading »

New York Eco-Shopping Extravaganza

A green pop-up shop in New York City could be the world's largest exhibit space of eco-manufacturers and products of its kind. The Green Up Shop, a boutique and event space, is a joint production by upcycle manufacturer Terracycle, the Fashion Center Business Improvement District, the Port Authority of NY and NJ, and the... Continue Reading »

Ventura, California's New Eco-Minded Art Colony

The arts are now becoming a housing trend in California. First we saw a Burbank senior housing complex with an arts focus and now a mixed-use, mixed-income artists' complex in Ventura. Downtown Ventura recently welcomed artists with a unique live/work complex called WAV (Working Artists Ventura). It offers 69 affordable... Continue Reading »

Los Angeles' Model Green Home: How Green Is Yours?

Typically in California, we retrofit houses for earthquake protection. Now a new business Residential Energy Assessment Services is retrofitting houses to make them more energy efficient and "green." Clever business model, especially in this market. To demonstrate what they can do for your house, the firm worked with... Continue Reading »

San Francisco Insider: Green Expert Heather Stephenson

Heather Stephenson created an early website about green living -- just what you'd expect from a San Francisco resident. This recent newlywed has lived in New York, London and L.A. and tells us why Dolores Park in the City by the Bay is the perfect spot for her right now. Name, Age, Occupation: Heather Stephenson, 36,... Continue Reading »

Bargain Huntress: Exclusive Earth Day Discount on Biodegradable Tableware from Branch!

April 22 will mark the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, and what does that mean? We need to celebrate--consciously. Last week's unseasonably warm weather that broke records around the United States, including Chicago, Upstate New York and Springfield, Mass. was welcomed with delight. Children played with water guns,... Continue Reading »

Greening Codes to Save Green

Energy codes, the laws that set minimum levels for energy efficiency in buildings, are getting updates throughout the U.S., most ambitiously in New York City. The changes that can make a big difference are easy to grasp. And they benefit renters and owners at the developers' expense. Saving money at someone else's cost... Continue Reading »

Hollywood Boulevard's New Real Estate Star

An only-in-Hollywood ribbon cutting ceremony featuring scantily clad dancers, Jimmy Kimmel and a performance by singer Robin Thicke plus the mayor, officially introduced Hollywood's newest real estate star: the W Hotel & Residences. After 10 years in development and almost three years of construction, the $600 million... Continue Reading »

IKEA Gets Hacked

Love them or hate them, IKEA is embraced by apartment dwellers all over the globe. What other superstore inspires a fun widget to turn your name into an IKEA furniture name? Or inspired others to dedicate hours of study to determine the naming convention of furniture categories? But, one-Klippan-does-not-fit-all. For... Continue Reading »

Top 10 Eco-Home Trends for 2010

Remember when ideas to conserve energy and save the environment seemed like the fastest growing trend in housing? Back before the recession when people still had money to spend on often expensive "green" improvements for their homes? Well you ain't seen nothing yet. Despite the recession, the market share for certified... Continue Reading »

Bright Future for Glowing Wallpaper

As the New Year begins, it's out with the old and in with the new. Top of the list for your home: energy-inefficient incandescent bulbs -- gone! Screw in those newly improved CFLs to save energy and stop global warming. But just as you're doing that, brace yourself for another technology switcheroo: out with the CFLs and... Continue Reading »

Proceed with Caution on Net-Zero Homes

You'd be forgiven for being skeptical of developer claims, given the leading role they played in history's most spectacular crash in home values. So what about the small but growing chorus promising zero-energy homes that sell for a premium? If it were that easy to build and maintain homes that produce no carbon output... Continue Reading »

LEDs Find Their Way Home

A study published yesterday by Osram, a German Lighting company, proves once and for all that LED bulbs and lamps require less energy to manufacture than incandescent bulbs. And the differences don't stop there: While incandescent bulbs last 1000-2000 hours, LEDs have a lifespan of 25,000 hours, and can reduce energy bills... Continue Reading »

Green Pizza-Eating Tip

It's so genius, yet so simple and so obvious, that we're appalled we didn't think of it first! Green products company Eco Incorporated out of New York has invented a new pizza box design - called The Green Box - that just might change the way you eat your pie. Continue Reading »

5 Simple Ways to Make Your Apartment Greener

Doing your part to combat climate change or preserve natural resources? You can, even in an apartment. Here are five simple things you can do to save yourself money and make your apartment greener, too. Continue Reading »

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