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Gun Owner Sean Blakley Says Landlord Is Evicting Him Over Firearms

A renter in St. Louis Park, Minn., claims that his landlord is giving him the boot over his lawful right to bear arms. Sean Blakley legally owns and stores several firearms in the room that he rents at a house with other tenants, but he keeps one of them loaded "for my protection," he told KMSP-TV in Minneapolis. That's... Continue Reading »

Guns at Home: Where a Shooting Range Comes With the House

We've been talking about guns in America over the last week, and we know that the debate over gun control can get very heated. But let's leave aside for a moment the question of whether gun permits in a neighborhood help or hurt property values and instead take a look at the real estate itself. Here are properties that... Continue Reading »

How to Store Guns Safely at Home

If you keep a firearm in your home, there are a number of precautions you can take to ensure its proper storage and safety -- particularly if you have children in the house. (Also because guns stolen from homes is a big problem these days.) It's essential to know how to securely store your weapon while also having ease... Continue Reading »

Gun Safety at Home: Stolen Firearms a Big Problem, Statistics Show

As the issue of gun control dominates the political stage, gun safety at home should be on the minds of homeowners who keep firearms in their houses. There's reason to be vigilant: Stolen guns is a big problem. Statistics show an alarming rate of weapons being stolen during home burglaries -- and more often than not, they... Continue Reading »

Gun Control Debate: Startling Statistic on Violence at Home Is Back on the Radar

Gun control has become a hot-button issue in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, Conn., and a researcher's startling statistic on gun violence in homes has re-emerged in the national debate. Arthur Kellermann, an ER doctor, prominent public health researcher and founder of the Department... Continue Reading »

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