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Police Can Install Hidden Cameras on Private Property Without a Warrant, Judge Rules

A Wisconsin judge ruled this week that under certain circumstances police have the right to set up hidden surveillance cameras on private property without having a search warrant. U.S. District Judge William Griesbach said that police on the hunt for two men suspected of growing 30 to 40 marijuana plants in an open field... Continue Reading »

Landlord Spied With Hidden Cameras on Renters in East Hampton Home, Lawsuit Claims

A family who rented a plush $6,500-a-week home in the exclusive enclave of East Hampton, N.Y., is suing their landlord for $4.6 million, claiming that he spied on them with hidden cameras set up in the house, the New York Post reported. The landlord, Donald Torr (pictured at left), recorded the family of nine --... Continue Reading »

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