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  • The Renters' Guide to Tipping

    The Renters' Guide to Tipping

    "When I sold my house and moved into my apartment," says Lydia Morgan, an enthusiastic renter in Chicago, "I loved not worrying about the foundation of my home. I have a great landlord, and I wanted to do something to show my appreciation to her but I wasn't sure what was appropriate." While renting your home... Continue Reading

  • Top 10 Design Books of 2009

    Top 10 Design Books of 2009

    It's been a tough year for the design industry, which means we haven't been running out to buy that mid-century desk we've been admiring,or recovering our old armchairs in wild prints. But that doesn't mean we don't want to dream about those things - and the fabulous homes we'd have, if we had all the money in... Continue Reading

  • Please Don't Buy Me This for Christmas!

    Please Don't Buy Me This for Christmas!

    Cooking with fire - one of mankind's great inventions - isn't good enough for some 21st-century foodies. The Sous Vide Supreme, which coddles food in lukewarm water, is finding its way into home kitchens, according to The New York Times. Here are some of the advantages of Sous Vide cooking: 1) You'll need to... Continue Reading

  • Holiday Wines for Under $10

    Holiday Wines for Under $10

    The days of gifting a bottle of Trader Joe's famous "Two-Buck Chuck" on an unsuspecting hostess are long gone. Everyone knows the cost of TJ's wildly popular Charles Shaw line by now, and while it's still a tasty swill for less than three dollars, it's a sure-fire way to label yourself as the Cheap Guest. Not... Continue Reading

  • Make It a Handmade Holiday

    Make It a Handmade Holiday

    You love Etsy, flea markets and the earth. You're not the only one. The New York Times recently acknowledged the handmade craze is extending to the holidays, which means everyone's getting green this Hanukkah, Christmas and Kwanzaa. Here's a guide to help you decorate your rental, and give with a homemade twist. Continue Reading

  • Get a Piece of Martha Stewart in New York

    Get a Piece of Martha Stewart in New York

    A slew of great handmade craft markets are hitting all corners of New York, starting with Martha's own staff show-and-sell. That's great news for those looking to get in on the handmade trend this holiday season. Don't you think old-fashioned aunt Rose will finally like your gift if you can tell her about the... Continue Reading

  • One Man's Trash... For $12K

    One Man's Trash... For $12K

    Neiman Marcus has just come out with its annual Christmas Book, which, in addition to their (relatively) normal selection of high-end fashion and accessories, always includes their compilation of "Fantasy Gifts." Sort of an anti- Black Friday ad, for those shoppers looking to spend large this holiday... Continue Reading

  • Celebs in the Kitchen

    Celebs in the Kitchen

    Celebrity chefs are allll the rage right now. Wouldn't Julia Child be proud. She's even had a resurgence: Since the "Julie and Julia" movie came out her "Mastering the Art of French Cooking" has topped the best-seller list all over again. But who are the new Julia Child's? We give you four celebri-chef... Continue Reading