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Best Ways to Buy Foreclosures in a Seller's Market

Shutterstock By Teresa Mears Just a few years ago, buying a foreclosed home was seen as a way to get a bargain. With a glut of foreclosures and few buyers perusing the market, lenders were willing to sell homes at a substantial discount just to get rid of them. Those days are gone. Buying a foreclosure can still be a... Continue Reading »

Michael Jordan's Home Auction: Best Shot for a High-End Property?

Michael Jordan's suburban Chicago mansion is up on the auction block -- not because of foreclosure or bankruptcy, but perhaps because selling a home via auction seems to be an emerging trend in the luxury real estate market. "Instead of being at the mercy of the market and waiting for buyers to make offers, the sellers... Continue Reading »

Notorious Schaffhausen House Dismantled for Charity

KSTP The two-story home where three young girls died at the hands of their father in River Falls, Wis., is being dismantled piece by piece this week. The land it's set on will ultimately be sold so that proceeds can go toward building a playground in the memory of 11-year-old Amara, 8-year-old Sophie, and 5-year-old... Continue Reading »

Miami Beach's Versace Mansion Sells at Auction for $41.5 Million

Reuters; AOL On By Kevin Gray One of America's landmark homes, the Miami Beach mansion that once belonged to Italian fashion designer Gianni Versace, was sold at an auction on Tuesday for $41.5 million to a business group that includes the owners of the Jordache jeans brand. The 1930s-era Mediterranean-style estate,... Continue Reading »

Lose a Home Over a $6 Tax Bill? Why It Could Happen to You

Not all is lost for a Pennsylvania woman who lost her $280,000 home over an unpaid $6 interest charge. A Beaver County appeals court has vacated a ruling in a case against homeowner Eileen Battisti, saying the trial court acted too hastily when it denied Battisti a proper hearing to prevent her home (pictured above) from... Continue Reading »

Gianni Versace's Opulent Mansion Headed for Auction Block

Gianni Versace was at the apex of the fashion world when he was murdered at the age of 50 in 1997. Now the opulent South Beach, Fla., mansion where he lived and died is going to auction, with bids starting at a fraction of the price at which the home was once listed. "Originally built in 1930," The Associated Press... Continue Reading »

Bidders Take the Plunge as Tor Cottage Teeters on the Brink

Who wouldn't want an immaculate hillside home overlooking the sea for a fraction of the cost? But when that home sits on an edge of a cliff -- next door to a home that has already tumbled down the hill -- you'd think no one. But land is valuable, even with threatening landslides, as a four-bedroom home in England -- that... Continue Reading »

Selling Homes at Auction Helps Homeowners Unload Properties Quickly

Home auctions aren't just for fat-pocketed investors scooping up decrepit foreclosures that banks are desperate to get off their books. At home auctions, you also can find perfectly fine homes in good condition that never fell into foreclosure. The sellers of these houses are the homeowners themselves, and the buyers are... Continue Reading »

House of the Day: Hollywood Hills Mansion at Auction

We are licking our chops over this Hollywood Hills' mansion being sold at a live U.S. Marshals Service auction on Oct. 12. It's not an absolute auction; there is an unpublished reserve amount that needs to be met before anyone gets their paws on this puppy -- and the property was most recently listed for sale at $2.395... Continue Reading »

Luxury Homes on Auction Block in Bid to Buy Some Buzz

Two years ago, a 10,000-square-foot home overlooking 150 feet of coastline in celebrity-saturated Malibu, Calif., entered the top end of the market there at $65 million. But as with many luxury homes recently, a lack of interest eroded the confidence behind that price. And before long the home was being listed for $35... Continue Reading »

Bank Auctions Home After Owner Told It Was Safe

Bank of America promised a Colorado man that the sale of his foreclosed home was on hold while they worked out the details, but as he stood on the phone with the North Carolina-based lender the home was auctioned off. Ray Vigil of Arvada, Colo., had gone through a period where he couldn't pay the mortgage, but for the... Continue Reading »

Home Auctions: Buy a House for 50 Bucks?

It seems almost impossible -- or horrific (or wonderful?). Homes at a two-day auction this past weekend in Detroit, arranged by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. (FDIC) went for as little as $50 -- for a four-bedroom home in perennially depressed inner Detroit -- and as high as $1.7 million -- for a relative bargain in a... Continue Reading »

Blue-blood Townhouse on Auction Block

With the real estate market not exactly what one would call healthy, sellers are looking for innovative ways to -- how should I put this gently? -- unload their property. Across the country, there is growing acceptance of the auction process, even among luxury developers. In Boston, for example, several high-end condos... Continue Reading »

Cher Bails On Her Just-Built Home

Does Cher "Believe" in life after bad real estate moves? Ask her after Jan. 18. That's when her seven-building Hawaii compound is going on the auction block. She never even lived in it - the property was only just finished this month. See, even celebrities are bailing out of their real estate mistakes. Cher's looking to... Continue Reading »

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