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New Flood Insurance Rates Leave Homeowners With Sticker Shock

Residents of Valley Stream, N.Y., reportedly face a new headache in the wake of Hurricane Sandy -- a dramatic hike in flood insurance premiums. Though some of the residents have claimed that their Long Island neighborhood has never flooded, FEMA has reclassified the area as a high-risk flood zone. Valley Stream resident... Continue Reading »

Home Insurance: 6 Discounts to Ask For

"When you buy a house for $500,000," says Realtor Tony Yollin, "paying a few thousand a year for home insurance doesn't seem like that big of a deal." Indeed, compared to the price of a home at the time of purchase, home insurance might not seem expensive. But if you know what home insurance discounts to ask for, you can... Continue Reading »

Home Insurance: Places With Lowest and Highest Rates -- and Why

Blair Hudson is an insurance underwriter in Dallas, Texas, who lives in a $400,000, 4,000-square-foot home. He pays $1,800 a year in homeowner's insurance. His twin brother lives outside of Chicago, Ill. in a $600,000 home half the size of Blair's, and pays $900 for virtually the same coverage. Blair knows why he pays more... Continue Reading »

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