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Americans Willing to Spend More to Remodel, Survey Says

Shutterstock By Christine DiGangi Americans are increasingly willing to spend on home renovations, according to a survey that says they are taking on more projects and plan to use more expensive materials throughout the process. Remodeling app Planese outlined in a news release the results of an online survey done... Continue Reading »

Experts' Top Home Improvement Projects for a Booming Housing Market

More consumers are dusting off their cordless drills, tape measures and jigsaws, or at least are shelling out for paint, spackle or flooring products. Home remodeling is on an upswing, according to the National Association of the Remodeling Industry. A byproduct of rising home sales during this past year, new homeowners... Continue Reading »

DIY Kitchen Remodels for Investment Properties

By ProfessorBaron.com If you are an investor who is buying rental properties, are a do-it-yourself type or want to renovate your kitchen, there are many things you can do to reduce your costs on doing some updating. Note that most renovations run way over budget and encounter issues, regardless of where DIY, semi-DIY,... Continue Reading »

With Housing Recovering, Perfect Time for a Kitchen Remodel?

By Ryan Nickum The past few months have shown plenty of signs the housing market is recovering, but it's interesting to note the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University says spending on home remodeling projects will accelerate as well. "Strong growth in sales of existing homes and housing starts,... Continue Reading »

Home Remodeling: How to Find Your Sweet Spot

By Josh Garskof @Money Budgeting for a large remodeling project presents a bit of a chicken-and-egg problem: You won't have a feel for the cost until you get bids from contractors. But unless you give pros a ballpark figure from the start, they'll have to guess at what to include in their bids -- and they'll come back to... Continue Reading »

Lead Poisoning in Old Homes: DIYers Beware

WASHINGTON -- If you've been putting off repairing a peeling windowsill, or you're thinking of knocking out a wall, listen up: Check how old your house is. You may need to take steps to protect your kids from dangerous lead. The risk of lead-based paint from older homes is back in the news, as the government considers... Continue Reading »

Home Remodeling Popularity Soars

Home remodeling activity increased by 22 percent in May from a year ago, marking the 19th-straight month of gains and rising to the highest level since BuildFax began tracking the data in 2004. BuildFax combs through monthly building permit activity filed with local departments across the country. The company said that... Continue Reading »

Thanksgiving in a Small Space? No Problem!

Just because you live in a small space doesn't mean your Thanksgiving can't be a big success. All it takes is clever planning and organizing. Lucky for you, the experts at AOL Real Estate have dozens of tips for making the most of small apartments or houses, from creative ways to expand your workspace to the... Continue Reading »

Remodeling: When It's Worth the Cost

Is remodeling your home still worth the investment? Since refinancing isn't what it used to be, and because there are so many homes on the market, there's a new school of thought about remodels. A recent article in CNNMoney said no, because remodeling your home now doesn't necessarily give homeowners the greatest of... Continue Reading »

Home Remodeling Expected to Spur Early 2011 Housing Growth

Growth in the housing market may be on the near horizon, but it might come from an unexpected area: Home remodeling. According to a new report from the Remodeling Futures Program at Harvard's Joint Center for Housing Studies, spending on home improvement projects may achieve double-digit growth by the first quarter of... Continue Reading »

Best Investment of Homebuyer Tax Credit

The Senate recently voted to extend the $8,000 federal homebuyer tax credit aimed at stimulating sales to September 30, 2010 (it was originally going to end on June 30). So now it looks like an estimated 180,000 home purchasers who were already in the sales pipeline could benefit from the tax credit. [Update: The extension... Continue Reading »

Remodeling Won't Help You Unload Your Crummy Home

What do Americans do best? Why, shop and spend lots of money fixing up our homes, of course! If a new survey is correct, we the people are about to do both during the rest of this year. That is, provided we have jobs and an income. American Express says 62 percent of homeowners it recently surveyed intend to spend more... Continue Reading »

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