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3 Keys to Selling a Home in 2014

Shutterstock By Brendon DeSimone For the past five years or so, millions of homeowners have been stuck in their homes, unable to refinance or sell because they were underwater. That situation began to change in 2013 when the housing market finally began to show signs of life. Buyers across the country were back in the... Continue Reading »

Home Inspections for Sellers: Why It Can Be Worth It

Shutterstock By Donna Fuscaldo "The buyer has the upper hand when they have an inspection," says Coldwell Banker consumer specialist and agent Jessica Edwards. "If you are willing to do it ahead of time, you give the control back to the seller." One of the most common ways to sink a home sale or lower the bidding price... Continue Reading »

5 Best Cities to Sell a Home Right Now

Is it a seller's market? Got to these five cities, and it's pretty clear: It sure is. In these markets, home prices are on a steady track upward, inventory is falling, and that's making it tough for buyers to win bidding wars. Hey, that's great for sellers. They can get higher bids on their homes, and with fewer houses on... Continue Reading »

Homebuying Advice: What to Know About Today's Sellers

By Brendon DeSimone When markets move in a positive direction, you'll hear it from real estate agents first. They see busier open houses, quicker sales or even multiple offers. By the time the news finally hits the mainstream media, buyers start to feel the pull to get back in the market. That's what we're seeing in many... Continue Reading »

11 Things Today's Home Sellers Must Do

The environment for home sales becomes more difficult with each passing month. Some estimates put 11.1 million mortgages, about 23 percent of the U.S. total, underwater, meaning that homeowners owe their banks more than the underlying properties are worth. Home foreclosures reached 212,764 in July. The number for the year... Continue Reading »

The 7 Deadly Sins of Home Sellers, According to Agents

Every industry has certain things that raise the blood pressure of its practitioners, or in some extreme cases, causes them to buy little dolls and a set of stick pins. Real-estate agents are no exception. Given that they work on commission and often spend hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars marketing a home with no... Continue Reading »

Buy Me! 5 Creative Ways to Land a Home Sale This Spring

Spring home selling season is upon us, and there are more homes on the market this year than ever before. According to reports from the National Association of Realtors and CoreLogic, more than a year's worth of homes are for sale or in the foreclosure pipeline. With so many homes available, homeowners need to find new... Continue Reading »

Curb Appeal: The Seller's Edge in Today's Market

Curb appeal is an important factor in today's housing market and can mean the difference between selling your home or having it linger on the market. While early signs point to the real estate market beginning to improve, there is still a huge inventory of homes on the market for potential buyers to choose from. According... Continue Reading »

Home Sales Lukewarm, As Mortgage Applications Decline

Not so fast, home sellers. The rush to buy a house is a nonstarter so far this spring. As evidence, the latest mortgage application figures show a 0.7 percent drop in volume last week, according to the Mortgage Bankers Association. Despite a fall in 30-year fixed-rate interest rates to 4.79 percent from 4.93 percent, the... Continue Reading »

Home Inspections: What to Do Before Selling This Spring

With the spring homebuying season rapidly approaching, home inspections are a must -- for the seller. "If you have maintained your home while living there it will be a smoother [buyer's] inspection," says Bryan Felder, a broker with The Virginia Realty Group in Chantilly, Va. It's not a bad idea to do a home inspection... Continue Reading »

Home Listings Slide: Good News, Sellers?

For the first time in nine months, several U.S. housing markets saw a drop in home listings -– but what does that mean for hard-luck homesellers? The number of homes listed for sale in 26 major metropolitan areas dropped an average 3.3 percent in October, the first month-over-month drop since January, according to... Continue Reading »

Apple Gives Homeowners Deal of a Lifetime

Talk about price appreciation. Donnie and Kathy Fulbright bought a one-story house on less than an acre in Maiden, N.C., for $6,000 34 years ago, and they recently sold it for $1.7 million. The new owner? Apple Inc. What does the Cupertino, Calif., maker of iPods and iPads need acreage in rural North Carolina for? The... Continue Reading »

'General Hospital' Star-Turned-Realtor Offers Homebuyers Advice

Fans of General Hospital will probably recognize the man in this photo as Alan Quartermaine, the always charming but sometimes scheming doctor and member of one the wealthiest families in the fictional city of Port Charles. What he now hopes for you to recognize him as is a successful Realtor of multimillion dollar... Continue Reading »

'Sexy' Homes Spice Up North Carolina Market

A Charlotte, N.C. real estate firm says business is booming, thanks to their sexy new marketing plan that involves hiring models to pose in listings photos of luxury homes. During the boom years of 2006 and 2007, Peters and Associates Real Estate was the No.1 seller of high-end homes in the Charlotte region. Then the... Continue Reading »

Sellers Cut Prices on 50% of Homes

Homeowners are slashing prices more drastically and more frequently, according to recently released data from ZipRealty. The average price reduction is now 7.1 percent of list price. List prices dipped about $19,000 in August compared with July, across the 26 markets studied. On average, sellers made two price cuts during... Continue Reading »

When Chris M. decided to list his home in upstate New York and move closer to Manhattan to ease his wife's commute to her new job, he ran into a major hurdle: "There was no consensus among the agents we spoke with about what our house was worth," he said. The solution? Hire a local appraiser to handle the job of evaluating... Continue Reading »

Open House: When It's Worth It -- or Not

To help sell her Austin, Texas condo, Tara Akins held a series of weekend open houses. Despite the fact that they were "well attended," according to her real estate agent, the eventual buyer came not from one of the open houses but through a private showing. For many sellers, that's how the home-selling process unfolds.... Continue Reading »

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