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Streets Named After Presidents: By Popularity, Home Prices

Zillow By Cory Hopkins One of the perks of being president of the United States is that many things are later named in your honor -- schools, libraries, even entire cities. And among the most common things to name after a president are local streets. But unlike the citizens of this country, presidential streets aren't... Continue Reading »

Zillow Housing Outlook: Mixed Forecast for 2014's Market

By Cory Hopkins After a robust bounce off the bottom throughout 2013 that buoyed national home values 6.4 percent year-over-year by the end of the fourth quarter, the housing recovery has entered its middle stages, setting the stage for a mixed 2014, according to the fourth quarter Zillow Real Estate Market Reports. The... Continue Reading »

Total Value of U.S. Homes: $25 Trillion in 2013

By Cory Hopkins If you wanted to buy every single home in the country, all at once, you'd need to be prepared to spend more than $25 trillion, according to Zillow. The overall cumulative value of all homes in the U.S. at the end of 2013 is expected to be approximately $25.7 trillion, up almost $1.9 trillion, or 7.9... Continue Reading »

Home Values in Big Cities Took Biggest Hit in Recession, Study Says

The Associated Press By Christine DiGangi Median home values took a hit across the U.S. following the recession, particularly in the most populated areas of the country. In fact, only 4 of the 50 least populous counties saw significant slides in median home values in the years following the recession, compared to 43... Continue Reading »

Calif. City Looks to Seize Loans to Ease Mortgages

Mark Elias/Bloomberg via Getty Images By PAUL ELIAS SAN FRANCISCO -- When the mayor of Richmond, Calif., and a gaggle of activists and homeowners showed up at the Wells Fargo Bank headquarters in downtown San Francisco this month, they were on a mission to speak with the bank's chief executive. They wanted the bank to... Continue Reading »

5 Most Overvalued Housing Markets in America

By Jerry Kronenberg Home prices are rebounding so much in some U.S. cities that property values have actually risen beyond what local economic fundamentals justify, market watcher Trulia.com says. "These are [generally] markets that have seen big price increases in the past year," Trulia Senior Economist Jed Kolko says.... Continue Reading »

U.S. Home Prices In April Jumped Most in 7 Years

By Christopher S. Rugaber WASHINGTON -- U.S. home prices soared 12.1 percent in April from a year earlier, the biggest gain since February 2006, as more buyers competed for fewer homes. Real estate data provider CoreLogic says prices rose in April from the previous April in 48 states. Prices also rose 3.2 percent in April... Continue Reading »

5 Renovations That Could Hurt Your Home's Resale

By Brendon DeSimone Unlike the homeowner of 25 years ago, today's typical buyers plan to live in their homes for just five to seven years. So it's more important than ever to consider resale when making home improvements. Even if you're a buyer, it's important to think like a seller, too, from the time you sign the... Continue Reading »

9 Things That Will Trash Your Home's Value

By Mamta Badkar With the real estate market as shaky as it is, homeowners can't afford to deal with more problems. And yet there's always something that pops up –– whether its noisy neighbors or an unfortunately placed sinkhole. We've rounded up some of the biggest threats to the value of a... Continue Reading »

Trulia: It's Still a Housing Rebound, Not a Bubble

Home prices today are rising nearly as fast as they did during the peak bubble years of 2005 and 2006. Since that bubble helped push us into the Great Recession, we should all be on high alert for the next housing bubble. To track whether home prices are in or nearing bubble territory, today we introduce Trulia's Bubble... Continue Reading »

10 Best Housing Markets Right Now

Thanks to 2012, the year that housing turned the corner, we finally saw home values begin to climb for the first time in years. And now we're seeing them take off. According to Zillow, home values rose 5.8 percent across the country between February 2012 and February 2013, but some local markets are doing much better... Continue Reading »

10 Most Popular Home Improvements That Buyers Will Pay More For

If you've tried to sell a home in the last few years, you know how hard it can be to get the price you're asking for. Even now as the housing market heats up and bidding wars are breaking out in parts of the country, it's still an uphill battle selling for the right price. But if your home has the right features, that can... Continue Reading »

Pierre Penthouse: What Makes a Home Worth $125 Million?

Though The New York Times got the first look inside New York City's unbelievably opulent Pierre Hotel penthouse (pictured above), the $125 million listing officially stormed the Internet on Tuesday. It's the three-story home atop one of Manhattan's ritziest hotels that was once owned by the late investor Martin Zweig,... Continue Reading »

More Good News: Another Report Corroborates Gain in Home Prices

U.S. home prices jumped in February by the largest amount in seven years, evidence that the housing recovery strengthened ahead of the all-important spring-buying season. Home prices rose 10.2 percent in February compared with a year earlier, CoreLogic, a real estate data provider, said Wednesday. The annual gain was the... Continue Reading »

Baseball Season 2013: Are Homes Near Stadiums Worth More?

Editor's note: Jed Kolko is the chief economist for online listings site Trulia. This article originally appeared on the Trulia Trends blog. Baseball's 2013 season began Sunday night, when the Texas Rangers lost to the Houston Astros. Most other teams kick off the season on Monday. To mark the annual start of America's... Continue Reading »

3 Reasons Your Home's Value Is Rising

By Brian O'Connell The housing market is growing so robust that even "hard-hit" regions are getting up off the mat and back in the fight. In California, pending home sales are at a four-year high, according to the California Association of Realtors. That's increasing homebuyer competition and leading to multiple offers on... Continue Reading »

Steve Salton's Tigers, Leopards at His Home Are Dragging Down Home Values, Neighbors Say

The house next door can bring down your own home's value in all kinds of ways. If it's foreclosed-on and sitting vacant, falling into disrepair and attracting blight, that'll definitely do it. But that's not the issue homeowners on a quiet cul-de-sac in Mayfield, N.Y., are citing as a reason that their homes' values may... Continue Reading »

White House Value Climbs During President Obama's First Term

What's your home worth? Not as much as President Barack Obama's. The commander-in-chief lives in the most valuable home in America: the White House. And if it were for sale today, you'd need nearly $300 million to snag it. The value of the White House has surged 7 percent over the course of Obama's first term, climbing... Continue Reading »

Guns at Home: Do Neighborhoods' Firearms Permits Lower Property Values?

The Journal News' gun map highlighting the names and addresses of gun permit owners across New York's Westchester and Rockland Counties is not only calling into question the safety of those homeowners, but it has also sparked concerns regarding its effect on real estate values in such "gun-concentrated" areas. According... Continue Reading »

Home Appraisals Lower Than Prices? What to Do

By Jeff Brown Like many young things, the housing recovery is suffering some growing pains, as appraisals lag rising prices and make it difficult for borrowers to get loans. The problem, mortgage-data firm HSH Associates says, starts with the conservative appraisal standards implemented during the financial crisis. That... Continue Reading »

Housing Recovery Officially in Full Swing, Data Suggests

There have been numerous signs of a general recovery in the housing market after the significant downturn of a few years ago, but data suggests that a full recuperation is now underway and should continue throughout the year. There should be an appreciable improvement in property values across the top 100 metro areas... Continue Reading »

Property Values: If a Rat-Infested Seattle Alley Can Sell for $1 Million, What's Your Home Worth?

If you're worried about the hit your property value has taken over the last few years, here's a reason to take heart: Even a rat-infested Seattle alleyway (pictured above) has been valued at $1 million -- and it has a buyer. A million bucks for that? Well, like anyone who wants to determine property value, you have to... Continue Reading »

Home Values Rising for 1st Time in 5 Years, Zillow Report Says

By Les Christie NEW YORK -- Home prices hit a bottom and are finally bouncing back, according to an industry report released Tuesday. Nationwide, home values rose 0.2 percent year-over-year to a median $149,300 during the second quarter, the first annual increase since 2007, real estate listing site Zillow reported.... Continue Reading »

For 2nd Straight Month, More Homes Face Risk of Foreclosure

By Alex Veiga LOS ANGELES -- Banks are increasingly placing homes with unpaid mortgages on a countdown that could deliver a swell of new foreclosed properties onto the market by early next year, potentially weighing further on home values. June provided the latest evidence of this trend, as the number of U.S. homes... Continue Reading »

Home Values Build for 3rd Consecutive Month

By Lauren Riefflin Zillow's May Real Estate Market Reports, released today, show national home values rose for the third month in a row, climbing 0.5 percent from April to May to a Zillow Home Value Index of $148,100. The good news continues at the local level as well: Of the 166 metropolitan areas covered by Zillow, 86... Continue Reading »

Home Value Survey Sees Sharp Rise in Realtor Optimism

With signs that a real estate recovery may be kicking into gear, a new survey shows a sharp increase in optimism among real estate professionals about the direction of home values. A survey conducted by home valuation website HomeGain found that the number of real estate professionals who expect home values to increase... Continue Reading »

Case Shiller: Home Prices Slide in Most Major Cities

WASHINGTON - U.S. home prices fell in most major cities for the second straight month, further evidence that the housing recovery will be bumpy and weigh on the broader economy in 2012. The Standard & Poor's/Case-Shiller index released Tuesday showed prices dropped in October from September in 19 of the 20 cities... Continue Reading »

2011 in Real Estate: The Top 11 News Stories

It seemed like a race to the bottom this year: Along with continued declines in property values, every season seemed to see another record low in interest rates -- though fewer-than-expected buyers were inclined to take advantage. Also on the way down or stuck in the cellar: the number of Americans who expected to... Continue Reading »

Homes Lose $700 Billion in Value in 2011, Report Says

By Sheryl Nance-Nash The year-end housing news is sobering -- U.S. homes are expected to lose more than $681 billion in value in 2011. But there's an upside -- that's 35 percent less than the $1.1 trillion lost in 2010, according to new research from Zillow, a real estate information marketplace. What else did the... Continue Reading »

Home Prices Drop in Nearly 3/4 of U.S. Cities

WASHINGTON -- Home prices dropped in nearly three quarters of U.S. cities over the summer, dragged down by a decline in buyer interest and a high number of foreclosures. The National Association of Realtors said Wednesday that the median price for previously occupied homes fell in the July-September quarter in 111 out of... Continue Reading »


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