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6 Things Every Homebuyer Should Have on Their Wish List

By Dan Dratch What's missing from your current home? Storage space? Decent parking? Privacy? Chances are, you might not have noticed these missing features when you and your home were in the honeymoon phase. But, sometime in the first few months, that deficiency became glaringly obvious. When you tour a home, it's normal... Continue Reading »

What a Homebuyer Should Know Before Closing

By Leonard Baron It's hardly page-turning literature, but there are many reasons why you should read these documents before making any property purchase: • Title abstract • Title insurance policy and schedule of exclusions • Plat or a survey while you walk the property boundaries • Homeowners'... Continue Reading »

For 1st-Time Homebuyers: 3 Essential House-Hunting Guides

With spring buying season kicking into gear, first-time homebuyers face a market that is brimming with what could be once-in-a-lifetime deals. Home prices are about 34 percent below where they sat just prior to the housing bust, and interest rates continue to hover near record lows. Affordability is the watchword of the... Continue Reading »

Surprise Home Buying Wisdom

It's not hard to get advice when you're in the market for a new home, but often real estate trends and quick tips get passed off as a gospel in this "historic" housing market. And there are a few -- let's call them inconvenient truths of home buying -- that you often won't hear because they don't apply to everybody. But... Continue Reading »

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