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Homeless for the Holidays: 'Just Grateful for a New Day'

While many of us fret over Christmas parties, stocking stuffers, turkeys and gifts, there are currently 633,782 Americans who don't have a bed or warm meal to come home to this holiday season. Though the federal government and local communities have fronted vigorous efforts to increase the number of beds available to the... Continue Reading »

Homeless for the Holidays: Should Homeowners Open Their Doors to the Needy?

Connie Grandmason, 46, considered herself lucky. As the owner of a beautiful four-bedroom home in Columbia, S.C. and blessed with a stable and fulfilling job (Grandmason worked as a director for the Special Olympics), she was one of the fortunate Americans who remained largely unaffected by the economic crisis. So... Continue Reading »

Beat Homelessness: Lessons from a Navy Vet

Just over a year ago, Kevin Nelson, a U.S. Navy veteran, was homeless and living on the street. Today he's got a permanent address and is on the verge of making his entrepreneurial dreams a reality: In January, he'll be presenting his trademarked stereo speakers at the 2011 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las... Continue Reading »

San Francisco's Mayor Says City Is Solving Homeless Problem

Back in 2004, the city of San Francisco launched an ambitious ten year plan aimed at ending homelessness in the city by creating 3,000 permanent housing units as substitutes for shelters. Now at the six-year mark, San Francisco's mayor, Gavin Newsom, is claiming the city is more than halfway toward its goal, having, thus... Continue Reading »

A New York City man and his girlfriend had the shock of their young lives when they discovered a stowaway living in their apartment and sneaking out at night to eat their food. The woman had been there several weeks. The homeless culprit was discovered after the set-up of a hidden "nanny cam." She entered the apartment... Continue Reading »

Veteran Finally Gets Home of His Own

Steve Sacre left home at 17 to join the Army. He spent five and a half years in the service, serving 12 months as a gunner on a jeep escorting convoys in Vietnam. In Vietnam, he used opium and pot "so [he] could climb up on that jeep every day because you knew someone was going to get blown up." Since then, he has... Continue Reading »

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