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Condo and Homeowners Insurance: Key Differences

Patty Robinson got a great deal on her townhouse in Charlotte, N.C. It needed some updating, but she didn't mind investing in new carpeting, paint and window treatments, because that would make it feel truly like her own. She planned ahead and was careful to take a detailed inventory of her belongings so that she would... Continue Reading »

Homeowner's Insurance at Risk for Hoarding Chicago Couple?

What's the difference between the Jonas Brothers getting stuck in an elevator for 45 minutes and an elderly couple being trapped under heaps of garbage in their own home for two weeks? One of those scenarios has potential ramifications for homeowner's insurance, while the other causes the hearts of some teen-age girls to... Continue Reading »

Homeowners' Defense Act: Affordable Insurance or 'Beach House Bailout'?

Banks aren't the only ones that depend on taxpayer bailouts. Every time disaster strikes the government picks up the tab. Losses after Katrina totaled $90 billion, with only $45 billion covered by insurance. The government ended up spending almost $10 billion on homeowners who were uninsured or under-insured. Yet,... Continue Reading »


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