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Who Has Rights to the Air Above Your Home?

Shutterstock By Brendon DeSimone Most of the time, you only hear about "air rights" in crowded urban centers, such as New York City, where vertical living is the norm and space is at a premium. Still, every homeowner should have an understanding of air rights in general. Do you own the air above your home by default? And... Continue Reading »

Price of Home Improvement Project Included Home Break-In

Shutterstock By E.A. Mann My grandfather, an Old World Italian guy who raised his younger brother in the aftermath of the Great Depression, never paid another person to work on his home. When I was 8 and he was 60-something, I acted as his helper over my summer vacation as he rebuilt the porches on his duplex, including... Continue Reading »

Americans More Unsure About Homeownership, Survey Suggests

Shutterstock By Christine DiGangi In the wake of the financial crisis and recession, many people's opinions of homeownership have changed. But the majority of Americans (88 percent) consider it a part of the American Dream, according to a survey from NeighborWorks America, a network of affordable housing and... Continue Reading »

U.S. Homeownership Rate Still Stuck in the '90s

Shutterstock By Lucia Mutikani Homeownership in the United States held near 18-year lows in the third quarter, suggesting that the housing market was still struggling to overcome challenges brought on by the recession. The seasonally adjusted homeownership rate, the share of households owning a home, held at 65.1... Continue Reading »

More See Homeownership for the Middle Class as Less Likely

Shutterstock By Christine DiGangi Fewer Americans believe homeownership is attainable for middle-income consumers, according to the latest Country Financial Security Index. Perhaps Americans have adopted a more pessimistic outlook lately, or maybe the economic events of the past several years have caused us to expect... Continue Reading »

Homeownership Rate at Its Lowest Since 1995

By Lucia Mutikani WASHINGTON -- Homeownership in the United States hit a 17-1/2-year low in the second quarter as Americans continue to shift toward renting, underscoring the lingering effects of the recession on the housing market. The seasonally adjusted homeownership rate slipped to 65.1 percent, the lowest since the... Continue Reading »

American Dream of ... Renting? Survey Finds Shifting Attitudes Toward Homeownership

The American dream of homeownership for many could be turning into the American dream of renting. Despite a battered housing market that is bouncing back nicely, coupled with historically low interest rates and affordable home prices, a large swath of Americans are beginning to look at renting as an equal or better... Continue Reading »

30% of U.S. Homeowners Are Mortgage-Free, Zillow Says

Media coverage of the real estate market has focused so much on the mortgage woes of homeowners over the past five years, you might be excused for believing that only a small minority of homeowners actually, well, own their homes -- mortgage-free. But you'd be mistaken, a report released by listing service Zillow... Continue Reading »

Housing Crisis Turns Some Ex-Homeowners Into Lifelong Renters

You couldn't pay Mark Williams to own a home again. "Give me the money for it," he said. "I'm still not buying a house." It's not that he always felt this way. Williams (pictured at left) did profit handsomely from the housing market's boom years, selling a Sacramento home in 2005 for more than twice as much as he... Continue Reading »

NAR Launches Email Campaign to Tout Value of Homeownership

By Inman News The National Association of Realtors has launched an email campaign designed to educate roughly 82 million consumers about the value of homeownership and the government incentives in place that support it. Starting last week, the three-part campaign sent out its first set of emails directly from NAR to U.S.... Continue Reading »

In Maryland, Mortgage Rates So Low You Can't Believe It

Carlo Johnson, a 28-year-old mid-level professional at the Department of Defense, is doing something he never thought possible so early in his career: moving out of his low-rent Baltimore apartment and buying a house with his fiancée in the Washington, D.C., metro area. On Thursday, he was taking a second look at... Continue Reading »

Homeownership Still a Dream of Most Americans, Survey Says

Despite crumbling home values amid the housing downturn, the majority of Americans still aspire to own their own homes. A new survey by Integra Realty Resources found that 75 percent of non-homeowners ages 22 to 50 would still like to own a home someday. Younger Americans were even more positive: Of those younger than... Continue Reading »

Home Sales Sunnier as Spring Buying Season Approaches

WASHINGTON -- The housing market is flashing signs of health ahead of the spring buying season. Sales of previously occupied homes are at their highest level since May 2010. More first-time buyers are making purchases. And the supply of homes fell last month to its lowest point in nearly seven years, which could push home... Continue Reading »

In Romance, Homeowners Have Game, Survey Says

By Les Christie, CNNMoney NEW YORK -- When it comes to dating, homeownership can be the ultimate aphrodisiac. In a survey of 1,000 single people, more than a third of women and 18 percent of men said they would much rather date a homeowner than a renter. Only 2 percent of women said they preferred to date a man who... Continue Reading »

Why Falling Homeownership May Be a Good Thing

By Dan Caplinger Ever since the end of the boom years of the early 2000s, the housing market has struggled to hit bottom, seemingly plowing ever lower even after years of declines. As a result, millions of former homeowners have lost their homes, while millions more owe more on their mortgages than their current homes are... Continue Reading »

Homeownership: From American Dream to Nightmare?

By Sheryl Nance-Nash Here's more evidence that the foreclosure crisis has changed the way we think about homeownership's place in the American dream. Nearly half of those polled in a newly released survey said that owning a home today was a "nightmare." Nearly 70 percent of those surveyed by Home Value Insurance Company... Continue Reading »

More Choose to Rent, Despite Record-Low Mortgage Rates

Despite the most affordable buying market in decades, households across the country are slowly choosing rentals versus homeownership, signaling a positive economic trajectory for the multifamily sector, according to Freddie Mac's October 2011 economic outlook report, released Monday. In the year ending June 2011, the... Continue Reading »

Mortgage Rates Slide Further, No Bottom in Sight

WASHINGTON -- Fixed mortgage rates hovered at record lows for a third straight week. They are likely to fall even further now that the Federal Reserve said it would shuffle its holdings to drive down long-term interest rates. The average rate on the 30-year fixed mortgage was unchanged at 4.09 percent this week, Freddie... Continue Reading »

Americans Still Plan to Buy Homes -- But Not McMansions

Americans have been skittish about buying new houses since the collapse of the real estate bubble. But they remain committed to the idea of homeownership, even if it's unclear how or when demand will pick up and drive a market recovery. A recent survey published by the real-estate site Trulia shows that 70 percent of... Continue Reading »

Consumer Confidence in Home Prices Still on the Wane

The average consumer expects home prices to decline by at least 0.5 percent in the next 12 months, according to a new monthly consumer survey from Fannie Mae. That forecast reverses the trend from May, when most consumers interviewed by the government-sponsored enterprise said that they expected at least a slight home... Continue Reading »

Homeownership Slips to 1998 Rates

The rate of homeownership in America is back down to levels not seen since 1998, according to Census data released Wednesday. The homeownership rate in the first quarter of 2011 fell to 66.4 percent, down a tick from 66.5 percent in Q4 of 2010. It marks the lowest rate of homeownership since the last quarter of... Continue Reading »

Our Homeownership Society: Is It Coming to an End?

After months of processing the input from the Conference on the Future of Housing Finance, as well as countless hours of speaking with various lobbyists from innumerable organizations behind the scenes (resulting, no doubt, in the premature death of many thousands of $250 bottles of wine), the Obama administration finally... Continue Reading »

Making Homeownership Dreams Come True

The dream of homeownership has become a bit harder to achieve in these tough economic times. Now there's a nonprofit organization that's hoping to change that for those families where owning a home is always a far-fetched goal. Family Services, Inc., a nonprofit organization based in North Charleston, S.C., is... Continue Reading »

Homeowners Check List for 2011

Homeowners have different needs than buyers and sellers: Mainly, they already own homes, and therefore are less affected by day-to-day market issues. Still, 2011 promises to bring some new twists to this large group of consumers. Tara-Nicholle Nelson of our sister site, WalletPop.com, gives a glimpse at some of the housing... Continue Reading »

Home Buying: Burned Mortgage Borrowers Want to Rent

Burned mortgage borrowers will more likely rent rather than buy another home, says the most recent nationwide survey released by Fannie Mae. Fewer Americans think the market has bottomed out and the idea of homeownership as a safe investment continues to drop. Just 68 percent of Americans think it's a good time to buy a... Continue Reading »

Down Payment: You Need One, Start Saving

When 30-year-old Kimberly Palmer, and her husband, Sujay Dave, purchased a townhouse this year in a suburb of Washington, D.C., they may have seemed like typical first-time homebuyers. Young, educated and hard-working, the couple also had a newborn daughter, Kareena. But they were different from most first-time homebuyers... Continue Reading »

Credit Scores Sink 1/3 of Possible Homebuyers

Even though home prices and interest rates have come down dramatically, many Americans aren't able to qualify for mortgages because they have low credit scores, a new survey reveals. According to a recent study, nearly 30 percent of all Americans searching for home loans are effectively locked out of the conventional... Continue Reading »

Homebuyer's Remorse: How to Avoid and Cure

You've just bought a house. Friends and family are congratulating you and sending housewarming gifts. Everyone else is popping champagne corks, but you just feel queasy. What's going on? You could be suffering from buyer's remorse, that nagging feeling that perhaps you made a mistake, got in over your head, or for some... Continue Reading »

Online Calculator Answers 'Should I Refinance?' With a Yes or No

As the economy wavers and mortgage rates inch lower, an increasing number of homeowners are questioning whether or not they should refinance. Even those who locked in lower rates a year or two ago are debating a second go-round. But thanks to a new online refinance calculator, consumers don't have to look any further than... Continue Reading »

Rent vs. Buy: Why Scales Tip Toward Renting (but Not Always)

When Susie Figueroa, 42, and her husband bought their bi-level three-bedroom home in Portage, Ind. for $135,000 five years ago, they did so believing that it would serve as a mandatory savings vehicle. Recent events have tested that belief. The number of households renting an apartment or house rose by 3.4 million between... Continue Reading »


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