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Homes for Sale for $400,000: What You Can Get for the Money

For $400,000, how much house can you get? We asked our friends at to pull out some of the best homes for sale right now for $400,000. You might be surprised at how much space is available for that price. There are quite the deals out there! Click through the gallery below to see what $400,000 buys... Continue Reading »

Homes for Sale at the National Median Home Price

The national median home price among all housing types was $183,900 in September, the latest data available from the National Association of Realtors. What can you get for that price? We scoured our listings database for a sampling of homes on the market with asking prices close to the national median sales price... Continue Reading »

Homes on the Market for $500,000

We showed you the awesome homes you can get for $1 million on the market. But what happens if you cut that price tag in half? Will $500,000 still get you just as nice a home? Well, we went digging in our listings database, and we turned up some pretty cool digs for that price tag. Of course, it depends on where you're... Continue Reading »

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