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Former NFL Star Rod Kush's Huge Mansion to Be Burned Down in Firefighter Training

In its heyday, this seemingly luxurious estate in Gretna, Neb., was described as the "finest mansion in all of Sarpy County." But soon it will be burned to the ground, set on fire room-by-room as part of firefighter training for the Gretna Volunteer Fire Department, the Omaha World-Herald reported. The... Continue Reading »

Foolish Mistakes That Destroyed Their Homes

There's a reason parents tell their children: "Don't play with fire." So why have so many of us not gotten the point by the time we're adults? Allow us to give you the news flash: Fire is dangerous -- and if you're using it around your house, it is even more so. A man in California recently tried to remove some cobwebs... Continue Reading »

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