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The Rise and Fall of Fannie Mae: A Timeline

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were in the news a lot this year. For starters, there was the presidential summit in August, to solicit ideas for what to do with the ailing government-sponsored enterprises (GSEs for short). That was followed by midterm-election wrangling over whether to replace the struggling mortgage giants... Continue Reading »

30-Year Fixed-Rate Mortgage: An Endangered Species? (Part 1)

The 30-year fixed rate mortgage, the foundation of the American housing market, may be on the endangered species list, thanks to the Obama administration. Based on recent observations, the Obama administration seems committed to moving American housing policy away from homeownership toward rentals. They would do this by:... Continue Reading »

Obama Conference on Housing Finance, Serving Substance or Softballs?

Back in April 2010, the Treasury and HUD issued a myriad of questions for the public to comment on regarding the future of the housing finance system. They received over 300 responses from everyone from members of the public to specialized think tanks. Now they are taking action: On Tuesday morning, the Obama... Continue Reading »

Mudd Covers Fannie Mae Record

Today Barney Frank's House Financial Services Committee will hear ideas from across the political spectrum about what the next-generation Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac should – and should not -- be able to do. Congress had better pay attention to ex-Fannie CEO Daniel Mudd, who with colleague Robert Levin went before... Continue Reading »

Showtime for Fannie and Freddie

They're just starting now? More than a year ago, the Obama administration promised to lay out the future for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the two mortgage finance enterprises the U.S. government took over in 2008, after massive losses and a shareholder stampede to sell left them insolvent. Today, Treasury Secretary Timothy... Continue Reading »

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