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Is 2013 the Right Time to Buy a Home?

By Benjamin Feldman Have you noticed it yet? The growing murmur out there, getting louder every week, bubbling up in newspapers, on TV and on news sites -- and it's telling you to buy a house in 2013. OK, maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration, but there are definitely a lot of experts (and non-experts) suggesting that... Continue Reading »

Best and Worst States in the Housing Recovery

By Gerri Detweiler We've been inundated with news stories about the housing market recovery, along with a few counter-arguments by skeptics who think we still have a long way to go. These analyses tend to focus on prices, sales or new homes built. While those figures are important, they often leave out an important... Continue Reading »

Housing Market 2013 for Homebuyers: It's a Balancing Act

By Brian O'Connell Talk to any Realtor these days and you'll likely get an earful about "limited inventories." That's a big departure from the past few years, when home sellers were eager, for a variety of reasons, to pound those "for sale" signs into their front lawns. While existing home sales eased in December, the... Continue Reading »

2013 Housing Market Trends: What Will Be Different Than 2012

One year ago, I wrote: "Even the best possible 2012 won't get us halfway back toward normal." That turns out to be true, but barely: the latest Trulia Housing Barometer, for October, showed us that the market is 47 percent back to normal. And this year, we launched the Trulia Price Monitor -- which revealed back in March... Continue Reading »

Housing Market 2013: Predictions of What's to Come

By Nin-Hai Ting We watched for more home sales and rising prices in 2012. Here's our housing market predictions for next year. Buying Gets Less Affordable The bust of the housing market five years ago created one of the cheapest times to buy. Across many parts of the U.S., even in some of the priciest markets... Continue Reading »

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