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Flood Insurance Hikes: Senate Seems Likely to OK a Delay

Shutterstock By Andrew Taylor WASHINGTON -- Flood insurance rate increases for hundreds of thousands of people would be put off under a bill on track to pass the Senate. Its future remains uncertain in the House, where a more modest plan is under consideration. The legislation, which could pass the Senate as early as... Continue Reading »

RealtyTrac Election Housing Report Finds Housing Market Worse Off than in 2008

Despite the many recent signs of life in the real estate market -- one possible explanation for why housing policy has remained largely absent from the presidential debates -- the reality is still grim. The market is far down from where it was in 2008, when the financial crisis was reaching its peak, let alone the days of... Continue Reading »

Denver Presidential Debate and Housing: Experts React to the Issue That Wasn't

AOL Real Estate asked two real estate experts to share insights about Wednesday's presidential debate in Denver. Both agreed that President Barack Obama and former Gov. Mitt Romney largely skirted the housing issue in favor of such topics as unemployment. But here's what our experts had to say about the candidates' brief... Continue Reading »

What Next for Housing? 6 Americans' Concerns as Presidential Debates Loom

With the first presidential debate of the 2012 election set to kick off Wednesday, Americans may soon get a clearer picture of where President Barack Obama and GOP candidate Mitt Romney stand on housing and a better sense of the policies that they might implement. The 11 million people whose mortgages are underwater and... Continue Reading »

Voters Want to Know: What About Housing?

A new survey of Americans by online real estate company Move Inc. found that 69.6 percent of voters say housing is a key issue they will follow in the 2012 presidential election. When looking at the millennial generation, the importance of discussing housing issues edged even higher, with 70.7 percent of this cohort... Continue Reading »

Can Any of the GOP Candidates Solve the Housing Crisis?

WASHINGTON -- Key proposals from the Republican presidential candidates might make for good campaign fodder. But independent analyses raise serious questions about those plans and their ability to cure the nation's ills in two vital areas, the economy and housing. Consider proposed cuts in taxes and regulation, which... Continue Reading »

Farewell Fannie and Freddie, Hello Renter Nation

In an earlier AOL Real Estate post, I speculated that the 30-year fixed rate mortgage -- the mainstay of residential housing funding in the United States -- was on its way out. I thought that based on comments from administration officials, think tanks, and other leaders, the goal of the Obama administration was to move... Continue Reading »

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